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  1. 2021 Ranger Ordering Begins 9/14 and Production Starts 12/7

    Yeah, you just have to check out the Bronco website.
  2. What problems am I going to run into?

    Right. He put them up early. LOL:LOL:
  3. 2021 Ranger Ordering Begins 9/14 and Production Starts 12/7

    Love that Cactus Grey! Other than the paint options, doesn't look like there's many other changes. Unless you want one of the new colors I don't see any reason to wait.
  4. 2021 Ranger Ordering Begins 9/14 and Production Starts 12/7

    Might be a dumb question, but do we typically see rebates on the current model year? Ex. I wonder if we might see a rebate on '21 Rangers in December or January.
  5. New Member. Looking at trucks. Ease My Insanity.

    It was a few things for me: I don't need a full-size truck. I've also owned several F-150s over the years and just wanted something different. And of course like a lot of you have already pointed out, everyone has an F-150! I'd rather get something a bit more unique. I hemmed and hawed on...
  6. Tall guys, How do you like your leg room?

    I'm 5'9" and remember my '08 XLT supercab being a bit snug for my tastes, even with the seat all the way back. Sounds like that may not be an issue any longer with the taller guys reporting no problems.
  7. Tail Gate Dampener

    Did you happen to start a thread on this, or take pictures? I'd be interested in this mod.
  8. Who is getting a Ranger extended warranty? - POLL

    Yes, you're probably right and I could have used the lemon law. Now that you mention it I'll need to QA my memory and check the paperwork. I think it was covered under the powertrain warranty. Service Advisor had to take pics of the catastrophe inside the tranny after the tech disassembled it...
  9. Who is getting a Ranger extended warranty? - POLL

    Yeah, so...long story but I'm overseas and my wife bought a 'Edge this week. Purchase couldn't wait til I got back for various reasons so she took care of it herself. She wanted PremiumCare + maintenance so as not to have to worry about anything. Finance guy sells the plan for $5476.:facepalm...
  10. What is everyone paying for their 5th Gen Ranger?

    Joe, do you mind sharing what you paid for the warranty and maintenance package? Trying to locate a good deal on this myself.
  11. Who is getting a Ranger extended warranty? - POLL

    If purchasing an extended warranty is a gamble, I'm 1 for 1. My wife's 2014 Escape SE 1.6 had many problems in the six years we drove it, ranging from wiper motors to the blend door to emissions parts. The blend door was a fun one, they had to remove the entire center console and most of the...
  12. 5-Star vs Livernois Motorsports vs Unleashed Tuning

    Zach, can you clarify please? Did you mean to say fuel consumption is low? Has your MPG gone down or up? Thanks
  13. 5-Star vs Livernois Motorsports vs Unleashed Tuning

    My goodness. 387 ft/lb out of a 2.3 four-banger. Incredible.
  14. Ford Protect warranty and maintenance question for the community.

    Hi all I have a question on the Ford Protection plan with maintenance. I've read some threads on here that say you can waive the purchase at the dealer and shop elsewhere for the plan. Thus avoiding the dealer markup. I know you can do this for new vehicles, but what about used? I'm looking at...
  15. Premium fuel?

    @Frenchy needs to by himself a laptop.
  16. What is everyone paying for their 5th Gen Ranger?

    Joe, what's up with the WA resident discounts? I was considering doing the fly and buy thing because there are many trucks listed in WA for much lower than the rest of the nation. But the ad states price is only good for WA residents only. Here is an example...
  17. New to AZ

    Thanks all for the suggestions. Military Auto Source has a small list of dealers they work with where you can take delivery. I was planning on going with Jones in Casa Grande. Just because in my past experience I've always had better luck with small town dealerships. But if you all endorse...
  18. Driver's Side A-Pillar Grab Handle

    YES! Exactly where this feature comes in useful.
  19. New to AZ

    Hi all. I'm moving to Chandler next month. I ordered my truck through Military Auto Source and she will be delivered ~early November to a dealer in Glendale. Looking forward to the meet ups and doing some wheeling! Also, I get heartburn just thinking about trying to get anything done at the...
  20. Quiet here in this chatroom...

    If the rail is anything like the choo-choo train to nowhere we have in CA, I would expect your grandkids grandkids to maybe use it, and their grandkids grandkids to be paying for it. :) Last I checked, we have a really nice almost complete section of track in North Fresno that runs for about...