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  1. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Me too.
  2. Am I missing a Wheel Well Liner?

    Thanks. what is part no. KB3Z-16103-B?
  3. Am I missing a Wheel Well Liner?

    Mine looks exactly like this. I believe one panel is missing. I have the hood seals but not the bumper blocks. I see where the bumper blocks would go. '21 Lariat built Apr 28 2021
  4. Am I missing a Wheel Well Liner?

    The part number The Last Ranger shows is the rear shield. The front is KB3Z-16103-C
  5. "Lower all windows" from remote?

    Doesn't work on my Lariat either. It does work on 2014 Fusion Titanium.
  6. Having an issue, maybe?

    Sounds like perhaps a bad u-joint.
  7. Tailgate Ecoboost Badge

    Where did tou get th white Ford emblem?
  8. Removal of Flag Mirror Skull Caps 2021 Ranger

    Thanks Mike. I found some info here and also some other on-line info that shows removal as discussed here. Guess I will order my chrome bulbs now.
  9. Removal of Flag Mirror Skull Caps 2021 Ranger

    I have looked at several U-Tube videos on removing them to gain access to the turn signal bulbs but do not see the clips they refer to lifting/pressing to release them. Are the mirrors different on a 2021 than on the earlier MY (2019/2020)? Thanks
  10. Heat crack on windshield!

    Cold water on a hot windshield = potential crack. Good luck.
  11. Boost Gauge Question

    I like the gauge cluster. What are gauges? Where did you get it? Cost?
  12. Ford refusing to honor Bumper to Bumper Warranty

    Holy Bat Dung Bat Man. I would tty two things. First massage Ford, then get a lawyer
  13. Best Window Deflectors?

    IMHO Weather Tech in channel.
  14. Rear Bumper Cover

    I had the dealer replace my rear bumper cover under warranty because the ends were very close as in almost touching the tailgate when it is open. You could actually see the bow in the back edge. Well the new one is actually a lttle worse in that at the license plate it actually touches my...
  15. Evacuate!

    Stay safe. Glad you received advance warning. Kiss your wife and give Tito a hug. Hope all ends well.
  16. Rear Bumper Cover

    Looks like Ford is going to replace the bumper cover. I will have to check out the clearance and it looks right order the Putco tailgate lightbar.
  17. Rear Bumper Cover

    Mine was from day one too. Only bothers me because I want the tailgate light bar.
  18. Rear Bumper Cover

    I have been wanting a Putco Tailgate Lightbar since I got mt '21 Ranger. Problem has been that the bumper cover ia bowed closer to tailgate when down on the ends than in the middle so no clearance for lightbar. I went to my Ford dealer's body shop today. Body shop Asst Mgr said they could...
  19. Exploded Parts Diagram

    Exploded parts diagram for what? Each major part has one i.e tailgate, door, dash, etc.
  20. 2021 Lariat with some spray paint and a grand in parts.

    My Lariat has no chrome. Did you get the Chrome package by chance?