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  1. Difference between a FX4 or a 4x4?

    My plan is to get new shocks when the originals get too worn. Until then the ride is pleasant enough for me.
  2. Difference between a FX4 or a 4x4?

    Agree 100%. I test drove the FX4 and the 4X4 several times before ordering the 4X4. Ride is much nicer.
  3. Auto Door Locking

    Yes society has become lazy as technology has been developed to make it easier to do important things. But in this case many of us own other cars that auto-lock when we walk away which creates habits of not thinking about our vehicle locking. Time for Ford to step it up.
  4. BMW RAPING DRIVERS $18/mo for heated seats

    Find the supply wires and put them on a switch on the dash. Problem solved.
  5. Are you opting for low octane gas used in your Ranger

    Is there a octane booster out there that doesn’t have metal and meets Ford requirements?
  6. Autostop Eliminator Install

    It’s dark enough to stay on. Never had it go off.
  7. Autostop Eliminator Install

    Yes. I don’t ever notice it. Faces downwards.
  8. Noob octane error - filled 1/2 tank w/85 octane

    Fill the rest with Sunoco 94 octane. You’ll be fine.
  9. Mileage When Ordered Truck Arrived

    Mine had 38…the dealership swore it had 34 when it arrived. They test drove it during the PDI
  10. Bakflip MX4 Question

    I ordered my truck with the Bakflip. It came installed from the factory, they did an excellent job. $935 option which was rolled into the loan.
  11. Oil Catch Can. Yes or No?

    In your opinion should this treatment be done prior to an oil change or does it matter?
  12. Running Board + Bed Lights Question

    Went with Ford steps. Got them for under $340 from my dealership. Lights are on order.
  13. Running Board + Bed Lights Question

    Awesome explanation. I‘ll post pics once my boards are installed with lights. Much appreciated!
  14. XLT vs Lariat - differences

    Same here, w/501 optioned It’s the whole package!
  15. Running Board + Bed Lights Question

    Can you elaborate on the cargo light wiring part? Where did you hide the wires and how did you tap into the + wire. Any pictures? Thanks!
  16. Which Running Boards/Side Steps did you purchase?

    Good info and great pictures. Much appreciated! ??
  17. Which Running Boards/Side Steps did you purchase?

    Thanks…if you can get one looking down the side of the truck too. Do the running boards have non slip tread on them?