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  1. The True Ancestor of the 5G Ranger

    Hi OHTremor, The Explorer Sport Track is indeed based off the Explorer and is not related to the 5G Ranger. the ancestor of the current Ranger is the Thailand Ranger and the South American Ranger and was designed by Ford of Australia. Best, Phil
  2. Hood alignment

    Hi Folks, To throw out a couple more.... Wheel House... Folks call it a Wheel Well...nope...Wheel House. In the day, it was a Cigar Lighter. Not Cigarette Lighter. How about B&CPS? Brake and Clutch Pedal Support. Dash Panel...Not Firewall. Backlite...not Rear Window. Sidelite...not...
  3. Hood alignment

    Hi Andy, Automotive is the piece of the body that spans the front end and to which the radiator bolts...among other front end items like horns hood bumpers etc. Sorry....slipped on not explaining this....There is another thread or two on here where I inadvertently used the term...
  4. Hood alignment

    Hi Rick, I was able to move the fenders outboard using a woodworking spreading tool and a 2x4 and moved my fenders out about ¼" at the Horse Collar... Best, Phil
  5. Noise Behind Glovebox

    Hi James, It could also be crud in the HVAC fan. The cabin air filter is behind the glove box and some folks have found rodents have carried in stuff in that area.... Worth checking before taking it to the dealer for the dreaded blend door issue.... Best, Phil
  6. Covid x 2

    Hi Mike, Hope for a speedy recovery with no lingering issues!
  7. What Gen Ranger Is This?

    Hi RP, Hmm....did not notice this....No idea then other than it is a Bronco.... I was certainly there in 1979 but do not recall a Bronco Ranger I had a 1981 Bronco for quite a while....not very fuel efficient... Must have been a Marketing rebadge without any engineering content needed. I...
  8. What Gen Ranger Is This?

    Not a Ranger is a Bronco.... First Ranger was 1982½. The side badging does not match and is likely added by the owner... Bronco is raised lettering and Ranger and XLT is recessed. Best, Phil
  9. Just bought a new Ranger

    Hi H, Welcome....Hope your Ranger delivers what you expect or exceeds expectations. It has a proud heritage of Rangers behind it.... Best, Phil
  10. Mysterious windshield wipers

    Hi Robert, Yes....keep your windshield clean around the top center area and keep your wiper stalk in the all the way down off position... best, Phil
  11. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    One determined Tortoise.... Best, Phil
  12. Where’s your dog?

    Hi NB, Actually as a last minute change, Tito stayed in the house instead of the backyard because we had golf ball sized hail and much damage. It could have killed Tito if he was out and about and unable to get to shelter.... Sudden hail storm killed a few family pets, so to keep him safe in...
  13. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    Hi Folks, I did the Ranger Tremor Audio package... Not a fan of the boom box audio when at a stop light, but the critics loved it. It was an off line install of the package except for the radio which was done on the Trim line. I believe I wrote a blurb on this before that may be...
  14. Where’s your dog?

    Hi Folks, We have a Nationwide policy on Tito. Likely never use it but it is peace of mind.....Not very costly through our Credit Union.....$15 per month.... $200 yearly deductible... Best, Phil
  15. Where’s your dog?

    Hi Folks, Back home after two weeks in Michigan... Tito was very happy to see us and ate the most kale I have seen him eat in a very long time....Two huge plates. Cleaning lady said he ate very little each 2 days when she fed him.... He is now sleeping peacefully at the toe kick for...
  16. two weeks out of the loop, maybe

    Hi folks, in Michigan for two weeks, helping our handicap [email protected] A. Schilke to get my attention. Lots of work Best, Phil