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  1. Recovery wooden boards are cheaper and work just as good.

    I have this thing it’s made out of rubber and very flexible. Folds nicely and stores in a Velcro nylon bag. It’s meant for snow but will work on anything really
  2. Turn signal bulb out again

    If you’re checking the plug you want to be looking at voltage in DC. Ohms would only tell you if you had a short. By this I mean, one lead to car ground anywhere and the other lead both connection points in receptacle using Ohms. Or ohms across both bulb contacts will tell you if filament is...
  3. The True Ancestor of the 5G Ranger

    My company has a plant in Costa Rica. I’ve been there a few times with different projects. First time I went down there I was surprised at how many late model year cars are on the roads. It’s like a time warp. 70’s, 80’s and in really nice shape. I also had another jaw drop when they told me...
  4. Center Console Vault Pics

    Or you get this horn …
  5. Beware of this Van...You have been warned

    Any 1/4 inch nut knows that!
  6. Turn signal bulb out again

    If it’s a filament bulb just check it using ohms (resistance) If LED there is polarity. Wire colors could be hit or miss. I would think green would be ground if going by standards
  7. Hood alignment

    Any good body shop guy would know it in a NY second walking by😉 That some have it and some don’t says tolerance stacks and possibly some settling after some use displays this difference. The fenders mounted with location to the inside max travel is an installer training issue. Quality really...
  8. Monthly mileage

    About 800 a month 98% work commute
  9. Hood alignment

    Everyone goes to google! 🤣
  10. Hood alignment

    I had the same alignment issue too. That can be fixed by adjustment of the front bump stop on drivers side. About 1/4” higher and the gaps match up. The fender isn’t all that difficult to adjust. I found it’s easier with 2 people though. You have to pull pretty hard to get to the extreme...
  11. Center Console Vault Pics

    That’s actually a pretty good unit that is plug and play into the factory harness and setup. My son has the same unit in his F150. Has a sensitivity adjustment, window break, shock/tilt sensor and the usual door open and timed start fail. At full sensitivity it has a mind of its own for sure...
  12. Center Console Vault Pics

    Think this is what they’re referring to
  13. Covid x 2

    Mike hope you and the wife have mild cases and are back to normal soon. Look at it this way, you’re both getting a natural immunity boost to take you through the fall season reemergence. Need anything please let us know! God Bless you both
  14. 2022 Ranger Tail Light Mysterious Crack

    If the dealer is blowing you off on warranty repair and this truck is fairly new I would call Ford customer care and have a conversation with them explaining the predicament you’re in. It almost sounds like damage during delivery or even a defective part used during build. Hopefully that will...
  15. Hood alignment

    I hear mumbling of where’s my 13mm socket! 😛
  16. Thoroughly po'd

    I’m still a crack shot! Need help with some porch lights? 🤫
  17. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    Some politically correct people might call that tortoise racist. At 5G he’s one of the gang! A true off-road beast!
  18. Hood alignment

    Great detective work! I will say that after the adjustment you can clearly see the paint mask from where the original fasten points were to where they are now! 3/8 to 1/2 an inch difference 🙃