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  1. Any 2020 Lariat owners out there?

    FWIW, you guys made me go look at my 2019 Lariat - I do have the heat shield - I never noticed it before though.
  2. I spent yesterday truck shopping. Current state of dealers offers in Ohio...

    I ordered mine before COVID messed everything up (December of 2018), but I was shocked at how many dealers really didn't want to order a vehicle for me. I assumed they all would want to as it was a guaranteed sale, just not today. But I assume they all wanted to sell me something off the lot...
  3. Best Portland Area dealer for service

    I would try Landmark - my son has had some good experiences there.
  4. Livernois Tuning released

    My mistake - that is a bummer it didn't work for you.
  5. Livernois Tuning released

    Not to be pedantic, but you didn't actually brick your truck. Sounds like just a failed load of a tune. Bricking means it is completely dead (as useful as a brick) and cannot be revived. The only option for a bricked electronic device is replacement. If I had to guess, I'd guess you maybe...
  6. Surprisingly lots of damages from factory/shipping

    I'm sorry to say it isn't just manufacturing that suffers from this......
  7. Surprisingly lots of damages from factory/shipping

    This is veering WAY off topic. Please cease this thread drift.
  8. Crew cab long bed

    There have been spy shots of a long bed (6') crew cab 6G Ranger, but we won't know for sure until it gets officially announced. I'd say the chances may be lower since GM announced their new Colorado will only have the 5' Crew Cab - no 6' bed option. Hopefully Ford sees it as an opportunity...
  9. two weeks out of the loop, maybe

    Take care of your family Phil. We will all be here whenever you are able to resume.
  10. Ford Ranger Sales Lose Nearly Half Segment Share During Q2 2022

    I don't think it is demand that is the problem - they can't/won't build enough of them - they are favoring the Bronco to try and catch up from that horrible debacle. Until the supply chain gets better, it will most likely not change a whole lot.
  11. 70 MPH, ENGINE DIED!!

    Yeah, autonomous cars currently are pretty amazing, but when they fail, they fail spectacularly (see the case where a Tesla plowed into a semi crossing the road at full speed or plowed into an off ramp divider it didn't see at full speed). I get the argument that they don't have to be perfect...
  12. 70 MPH, ENGINE DIED!!

    Subscriptions are the "gift the keeps on giving", which is why companies love them - even if the company isn't really doing much to earn the subscription. It is one of the big reasons I don't want an office 365 subscription - I don't really care about any of the new features in office - The...
  13. Factory Installed Defective Jounce Bumpers 21 Tremor

    To me, what they look like is completely immaterial. The question should be - "Do they WORK"? If they work/function, it isn't a warranty issue, IMO. These are parts way under the truck and should not in any way be considered "appearance" parts. You have to really want to see them in order to...
  14. Signing off for a few days

    You can guarantee that the tools he used are WAY, WAY, WAY more expensive that what you'd find at Home Depot or Ace. I'm sure they have to undergo medical certification and would need to be able to be sanitized so they are surely stainless. I've had a few procedures in the last few years and...
  15. Ford Secures Batteries to Build 600,000 EVs a Year by 2023

    Well, the article did say this: Which seems like a logical approach to begin with. It almost sounds like Ford may be starting to go back to its roots and source more parts internally that rely on suppliers. Maybe the last few years has changed thinking....
  16. My Ranger just turned 2. Highlights from one of the oldest next gun Rangers on the road.

    I just think Ford could siphon off some of the parts to the parts chain rather than hoarding them for manufacturing - especially given the quality issues with parts as well. No matter what happens there are no good solutions. Hopefully things will change soon.
  17. My Ranger just turned 2. Highlights from one of the oldest next gun Rangers on the road.

    He said he really wanted another Ranger (I guess he hit a deer with his first one but couldn't wait to get it fixed), but didn't want to give Ford more business after his experience with the Tremor. He does have a point - Ford (like all manufacturers) is having significant supply chain issues...
  18. My Ranger just turned 2. Highlights from one of the oldest next gun Rangers on the road.

    I didn't listen to much of the video but he is already saying he doesn't really like the Tacoma. The guy can't make up his mind.... It will be interesting to see how long he keeps it.
  19. Key Ingition missing part?

    That was one piece that was never present on any 5G Rangers, even from the beginning - it is a stupid oversight honestly. The 3d printed rings work really well and should have come stock from the factory. The only ones who don't have that issue is the Lariats since they have push button start.
  20. Ford Upgrade Program. Could it be true?

    My daughter needed a new vehicle (hers was having mechanical issues and had 200k on it and it didn't seem to make sense to spend 4k on repairs). She went to a dealer (Subaru) and they told her that they got 15-20 new cars a month and almost all of them were sold before they even hit the lot. I...