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  1. Who’s ordering a 2023

    Im tempted to face swap my 19 or the 6th gen if parts line up nicely
  2. How long for the Ranger smile to fade?

    Well she's coming up on 3 years old (September build) and just passed 63k miles I love the truck still
  3. 3 Year Michigan Rust Update

    Well hell I feel better the little bit of rust that I patched up isn't nearly as bad as others. Though I regularly powerwashed my underbelly every time they laid salt
  4. Remote Start Only Heats Driver's Seat on Cold Mornings

    Not entirely sure if the wire harness matters but those with auto ac can swap oem heated seat buttons and the remote start will turn it on automatically.
  5. The New 2023 Ford Ranger & Raptor / What Do We Think?

    I'm curious if the gen5 could have a gen 6 front clip swap ?
  6. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Well I got the truck cleaned and polished and fixed some rust spots with some rust solvent and waiting for more saved money to get new fog lights since Bambis sister decided to kiss my bumper and murdered the right side of my fogs
  7. Not as good as I thought it was. (MPG)

    Tires that are not stock would typically hit mpg i put on some treadwright wardens and took a 2 point hit but damm I love those Tires
  8. Tracy Bowman Appreciation Thread

    Lol I just now see this? Oi guess I'm not so active huh
  9. Salvage Stereo Swap 4" to 8"

    Funny I still have my 8 in bezel (I got the versionhat had the heated seat buttons in them) But its honestly simple but would require a program for the 8in to play nice with the ranger
  10. Price of used 5g Rangers

    Funny my dealership wanted to offer me 38k... I couldnt part with my ranger but yea new rangers are scarce but they had plenty of the new f150s
  11. Aftermarket heated seats with OEM switches

    If you dont have the climate control option you might have a rough time getting the OEM buttons to work. Also you'll need the entire bezel because the heat buttons are integrated into the bezel
  12. How long for the Ranger smile to fade?

    2 years later and 50k miles I still love her
  13. How to add Lariat heated mirrors to an XLT

    Well the heated seats at least with my experience having the duel climate control will allow the lariat center bezel with the heated seats buttons to light up but haven't gotten around to actually wiring the heat
  14. Bronco auto 4wd transfer case in Ranger?

    I'll be willing to bet that it'll bolt up but you're going to need the sensors and wire harness (or make one) to properly run it.
  15. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    Well if they don't have that long wierd trim piece in the middle it's not too shabby. Still not buying a gen 6 new
  16. First Encounter in the "Wild" (Ranger's Spotted Megathread)

    There's like 10 rangers around me now though one decided to trade his in for a f150 ?
  17. Anyone check out the Bronco yet?

    Oi I would call in, got a damm taxi to pick mine up. I gotta wait til my Rangers paid off before i order a bronco
  18. Ranger Outsold Colorado and Gladiator in Q1

    Unlike the taco i could swap the 2.3 for the 2.7 for a huge boost of power. Also i like being different
  19. $7000 over MSRP!

    Had some dealer with a used 2019 f150 try adding "front bumper fee" because it had a massive front brush guard and I told the boss if he didnt take it off ill make my grandmother walk out ( it was for my grandfather since he wreaked his other vehicle) in which he did. I swear idk how do people...
  20. $7000 over MSRP!

    But on the other side of capitalism is that if people don't buy then at those prices they'll have to come down ?