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  1. How I got my Ranger to stop bouncing

    If a dealer GM or salesman’s mouth is moving he is lying. He was attempting to get you to sell it to him as cheap as possible.
  2. So now it begins…

    Don’t you say nothing bad about that man, he’s a visionary and he’s gonna save us all! I heard his #2 don’t stink and his #3 cures cancer and depression in women 18-30.
  3. How many preppers do we have here?

    Naw I think you can take Truvada if your about to go down there in the PrEP cellar or whatever and it helps you be able to stay down there longer.
  4. How many preppers do we have here?

    Is this what those “prepping” commercials I see on tv are about? Are young frolicking effeminate guys the only ones that care about being prepared for the apocalypse? I’m confused.
  5. Bouncy hood

    Lol. Any day we learn is a good day.
  6. Speedo calibration in FORScan after fitting bigger tires.

    Don’t worry with online calculators. Keep adjusting that mm number until you have it right on.
  7. Bouncy hood

    Yes there is. Hood struts run out of steam near the bottom of travel. Hey y’all do your thing, just don’t be mad when you get dents.
  8. Utah WTS: Front Bumper w/sensors Magnetic

    Geez wish I could come get this. These are $1000 used when you need one.
  9. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    Make fun of it all you want but if it’s got the 3800 in it don’t Ever let it go!
  10. Just stop...

    IKR! I said 40k for a Ranger?! Eff that, I got some sheet metal and a welder and made my own. 1300 for tires?! I just went to my rubber tree and Bamm! Any size BFG K02s I want!