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  1. Softer Suspension

    sorry I don't it was a while back and I just hit the Ford dealership here in Germany, parts guy and a cell phone picture did me justice.
  2. Softer Suspension

    I bought a new set for a ROTW Wildtrak
  3. Softer Suspension

    Transit/Wildtrak springs are absolutely perfect. I am stationed in Germany and was able to score a set for less than $200 shipped to my door. Literally took me an hour to swap both sides.
  4. Softer Suspension

    Mine is like butter, I have the transit leaf springs swap done, Eibach 2.0 Struts up front set at 2.5" of leveling and the Eibach Pro Series on on the rears.
  5. Offer in the mail!

    Dave We'll see what happens, I am not convinced that anyone is being wholly upfront about anything anymore. I'm relying on some dealer friends insider info that Ford and a few other brands all say they are very close to chip production, or perhaps an alternate source. I do know the used...
  6. Offer in the mail!

    as soon as the chip shortage is over (predicted in 60 days they say) the bottom is going to fall out on high offers...if you are looking to trade or sell you had better do it soon.
  7. What winch for 589Fab hidden winch mount?

    LOOKS GREAT...and yes that back right bolt is a pain in the ass...
  8. What winch for 589Fab hidden winch mount?

    here is what Westin tech sent me: The SX gear box can be clocked. · Disconnect the winch from the power supply and tip the winch up onto the motor cover. · Remove the bolts attaching the gear box end of the winch to the tie bar and remove gear box end. · Remove the...
  9. My New Ranger getting Repo'd !

    not by deception...........
  10. What winch for 589Fab hidden winch mount?

    The winch actually mounts in reverse, your clutch is on the left side, forces it to top wind and Superwinch/Westin said is fine. So you really only go 90 degrees clocked reverse. I also rotated the other housing so my light is on top still. worked fine. I mounted my control box on the drivers...
  11. My New Ranger getting Repo'd !

    I just read through all of upfront, you got what you wanted, taxes refunded, move on dude. You won't gain anything by exacting revenge. Always remember, the toes you step on today very well could be connected to an ass you'll need to kiss later. It's all about...
  12. What winch for 589Fab hidden winch mount?

    I have one of the new Superwinch SX10’s it’s awesome and fit perfectly. You have to clock the winch as you’re technically mounting it upside down so make sure whatever you get is able to be clocked properly.
  13. 589 Fab Hidden winch measurement needed

    Hey thanks…. Mine is installed as this was way long ago….
  14. Wheel Swap

    Ask your dealership if they have any take-offs or if they can check other dealerships. A few years ago I bought a set of Mustang take-offs complete with tires from a dealership for $600, brand new.
  15. Dealer wants to buy mine back for more than I paid?

    Yep, don't trust KBB for a real value at trade. Dealers use the NADA Blackbook, the vehicle is only worth what a bank will loan on it or wholesale value. I don't care what anyone tells you, the real deal is if the vehicle can be sold, at a profit. Supply and demand. If you have a great offer you...
  16. Dealer wants to buy mine back for more than I paid?

    I have two offers on the table now for my 2019 Lariat, one is $46K, only has 8K miles on it as I bought it as a new leftover in October of 2020. I stand to make about $5K over all I have invested to upgrade it to a perfect ride. Only concern we have right now is it’s a 7 month wait at minimum...
  17. Bye Felicia! (FX4 shocks)

    I too swapped out the rear leafs with Euro springs off a Ranger Wildtrak (ROTW Ranger) and I am running Eibach Pro Truck rears and the Eibach 2.0 adjustable coil overs set at 3”. No wallowing, truck responds and absolutely perfectly absorbs speed bumps, rutted roads and German cobblestone roads...
  18. Rough Country Rear Differential Skid Plate Works!

    A good aluminum or stainless steel spacer is the best. I think I used 1/2 thick ones from Tractor Supply
  19. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Sat on the tailgate in the driveway and killed a beer.