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  1. I did it. I escaped

    Thats a good strategy. I’m sure you guys have visited New Mexico before? I love the state, it’s definitely not as hot as Arizona, but I guess they have water issues right along with west Texas and Arizona. Northern New Mexico is beautiful. I would have considered New Mexico myself, but the lack...
  2. I did it. I escaped

    God I wish! I would actually love to do that. Get my pistol permit in Texas and Pennsylvania and just leave my gun snuggled up on Pennsylvania soil waiting for my return. That’s awesome. I’m definitely jealous. I’m sure you’ll love both places from everything I’ve heard from anyone who’s been...
  3. I did it. I escaped

    I love Texas and if I ever move back it’s to the hill country. My daughter is a native born Texan and it’ll always be a second home. I have three states I’ll now follow politically, New York, Pennsylvania and now Texas 😂 Yeah Tennessee is beautiful, especially the Smokey Mountains. Love driving...
  4. I did it. I escaped

    Love Watkins Glenn. Love middle PA too. I wish Allegheny and Steuben counties could remap into Pennsylvania. I can’t even complain about land taxes in Steuben county, I’m paying 1400 a year for 12 acres. It’s the damn draconian gun laws. Considering Steuben county is deep red, it’s not fair to...
  5. I did it. I escaped

    West Texans are some of the nicest real people I’ve ever met. Have been on the side of the road out in the middle of 1-10 and had numerous people stop and offered water. During the ice storm a complete stranger offered me his spare generator. If I had my way I would replace half of the...
  6. I did it. I escaped

    Nice, all great areas you mentioned. KY, WV would be the furthest south for me just because I love the Appalachian hills and because of the heat - even though I got used to heat, I’ve never gotten used to humidity lol.
  7. I did it. I escaped

    thars a possibility too! I love West Virginia.
  8. I did it. I escaped

    I have 12 acres in Steuben county NY, I’m a few miles away from the Pennsylvania border. My plot is on top of a huge hill and in the woods. It’s on a dirt road and hardly any traffic. After coming from oil country the quiet is almost eerie. Can’t see any neighbors. I know I’m going to curse...
  9. I did it. I escaped

    Home, sweet home. I have left Texas for good and returned to Yankee Land. I felt like crying when I seen the lush green hills riding on 86. I thought to myself “this is God’s country”. The only thing I’ll miss about Texas is the general manners of people (much more polite) and Latinas. And the...
  10. This is the last time I take my truck to the dealer for service

    I’ve always used conventional/blend whether Valvoline, Motorcraft or Castrol and have never had any issues with any Ford engine. Then again I feel more comfortable with 5,000 to 7500 oil change intervals. As long as it has the Ford approved number on there. But I would be pissed if I wanted...
  11. Gas Mileage @ 65mph

    Just out of curiosity, I was reading Reddit and the Ford Mustang ecoboost forums because I want more info on the 2.3. Some of those guys with the fast back base model mustangs are getting mid 30’s highway mpg. Not just one or two, that seems to be easily attainable if you stay out of the turbo...
  12. 2023 Ranger review

    That’s true. But growing up in the salt mine that I did, I’ve seen my fair share of rusted out bodies. The aluminum was actually a selling point for me.
  13. Good bye and Fair Well

    She She’s a beauty. I love the single cab look. You’ll still get pretty decent highway mileage with her if you take it easy, especially with the cylinder deactivation.
  14. 2023 Ranger review

    Yes indeed. The aluminum makes a big difference. And it’s huge for guys who live in the rust belt. I’m shocked they didn’t go that route with the GLOBAL Ford Ranger? Too much cost?
  15. What it must be like..

    Yuhsir. Where I live Lifted trucks with tires sticking out 6 inches passed the fenders is almost as common as SUV’s. They love to race, which is kind of comical when they’ve set their vehicles up for less speed and maneuverability. The only advantage that I’ve seen is when there’s flooded roads...
  16. What it must be like..

    Tacomas are sweet vehicles if you like gear hunting transmissions, underpowered engines, underwhelming gas mileage and sitting on the floor. It’s also got that renowned reliability bro 🤘
  17. What are your thoughts on the Ranger's long-term durability?

    It might just be Ford in general. I think as far as durability goes I trust Ford engines more than General Motors or Mopar, but I can’t say the same for the quality of the rest of the vehicles. I’ve had 4 brand new Ford Vehicles from 2015 until last year. Cars to an F150. I actually was pretty...
  18. 2023 Ranger review

    Jesus, curb weight of 5000 lbs? Wow. You can order some F150’s almost a thousand pounds less. Not even sure I’d want the 2.3 with that much weight.
  19. Gas Mileage @ 65mph

    Yep. Get me the fuck out of here. I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of the desert and the dryness, lack of humidity, but the flatness and lack of vegetation is killing me. I miss Appalachia. Not to mention exactly what’s described on here - good country driving, with relaxed speeds and good gas...
  20. Ford's New Patent Could Be A Solution To An Age-Old Truck Bed Problem

    The single best truck bed in the business is probably the Honda Ridgeline, because of the trunk and swing tail gate. Both would be super pragmatic and I could see myself using both a lot. One thing I wish Ford has over anything else is the swing gate.