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  1. Thoroughly po'd

    You certainly don’t need the bedside replaced for that, but they may need to repaint it to ensure a good match.
  2. New GMC Canyon Now Shown!

    I like the new Colorado/Canyon. This will force Ford to bring it’s A-game with the Ranger and presumably make the 2.7 option a must for the new Ranger.
  3. 2023 Bronco Heritage Edition Revealed

    The red one looks sweet.
  4. F150 lightning price increase

    Ouch. Going to be hard to persuade those of us on the fence about EV if they keep skyrocketing in price.
  5. Tire pressure question

    I wouldn‘t run that much below recommended. Sounds like you need to swap your LT’s for some P rated tires. Then you can run 30.
  6. Lariat Leather Seats and Steering Wheel

    I test drove an XLT and Lariat back to back and the XLT cloth seats were much more comfortable IMO. I don‘t get fatigued at all driving the Ranger.
  7. Home gym

    I have an elliptical. Great for cardio and easy on the joints.
  8. Tractor advice

    I would also look at Kubota.
  9. I spent yesterday truck shopping. Current state of dealers offers in Ohio...

    You may be able to cut a deal on option #3, but it takes two to tango.
  10. Are all headliners beige?

    I also have a black interior. I don’t mind the beige headliner, but I kinda wish the A-pillars were black. Since there isn’t a grab handle, I have to fight the impulse to grab the A-pillars as I get in to avoid getting it dirty.
  11. Used 2020 Ranger..Is My Ranger Tuned?

    If Ford wants to deny the warranty because of a self install, they probably can because that’s what the plain language of the tune warranty says. But, I agree that the only real risk of this tune is messing up the install, which is probably the only real reason they require a dealer install to...
  12. Title question

    How old is the car and what’s the condition? Lots of abandoned cars are stolen, so I would want to make sure to do it by the book.
  13. Rode in a new Taco, not impressed

    I turn off my ACC too. Works fine, I just don’t like it.
  14. Difference between a FX4 or a 4x4?

    why do you want 4x4 in MS if you don’t offroad. 4x4 and 4x2 have the same engines and same “power”.
  15. Drive selector nob protection

    Another good reason not to be using your phone while driving.
  16. Drive selector nob protection

    You have to be in neutral to go to 4lo, right? Sounds like marketing to to sell those little thingies.
  17. Investing And Building Wealth

    I‘ve been maxing out my 401k since I was twenty and the time value of money is magic (It’s gold Jerry, Gold!). I agree with others that debt is the Devil and becomes an anchor to many, both financially and emotionally. Other than a home mortgage, you just have to find a way to live without...
  18. Tire Replacement Time

    I have the Coopers and I like them, but if you’re 100% on pavement I may lean to the Michelins. They are likely a better riding highway tire overall. The Coopers ride nice but they are a bit louder than the Hankooks in my experience. I cross shopped these when I bought the Coopers and Im...
  19. New Colorado revealed....

    I actually would prefer a well implemented 8 speed. A lot of the whining about the drivability of the Ranger (lugging, etc) is because of those top two gears. Like many of us, I lock out 9 and 10 everywhere but the interstate. I’ve had several vehicles with 8 speeds and I think that is...