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  1. sorry I was away

    Sorry for your losses. I'm a curious guy. Someone please pm me and explain this shit. It's very confusing.
  2. auto unlock and auto stop start

    The sticker for my '19 lists "auto start stop tech" under "functional".
  3. Damper Removal

    I'm thinking it goes something like this...
  4. Ford regrets making the 2019 Ranger ?

    I regret clicking on this thread.
  5. Fuel Mileage Enhancements..?

    Here are a couple of suggestions I've heard from people pretty high up.... 1. Suck it up, it will all be worth it on the other side, God willing. 2. Buy an EV.
  6. Friday night drunk posting thread

    Is it possible that Steve Dulcich is the flesh and blood incarnation of Beavis?
  7. Hey everyone. After reading all the forums and getting some great insite I decided to join the forum. 2020 Ford Ranger XL 2WD

    Necrobumping a thread from a member with 5 posts just to get in a damper reference? We need an intervention here.
  8. Welcome Back Tracy!

    Haven't been on for a few days, get on and I have one alert... Tracy reacted to one of my posts.... lol Welcome back.
  9. DeeZee Damper Extra Black Clips

    Attach them to garage wall and mount your birth certificate to it to remind you you're a man.
  10. Friday night drunk posting thread

    Friday the 13th edition.... 😲
  11. What is this on back seat on the 22’s?

    It's there to distract you from the useful thing that got decontented.
  12. Mouse Attack

    Life Buoy would probably work.
  13. Another electric Ford pickup truck is coming, Farley says

    Saw a bunch of articles today, Ford invited journos to San Antonio (I think it was) to drive the Lightning, including towing around a set course. With max tow range was about half if I remember right.
  14. Anyone want to throw an estimate at this damage ?

    Where the hell is Dave? This has "closest guess wins a damper contest" written all over it.
  15. Wrong door handle

    Is the truck new? That rear handle doesn't look new, it looks like complete shite.
  16. Oh my God! They killed Rain man! Las Vegas Cops Believe Kmart Shoes Indicate That a Man Found Stuffed in Barrel at Bottom of Shrinking Lake Mead Was Shot...
  17. Sold It!

    Are you gonna update your Bronco sucks I'm buying a jeep thread. 😁
  18. 140 Cleveland

    We're gonna name the engine after a constipated turtle that goes 0.0001 mph?
  19. Least amount of miles driven...

    That's how much I've driven my truck. It's the only real way to compare. Not that it will change anything, you will almost certainly win this contest. No one is buying 5g rangers as investments.