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  1. Correcting speedometer for larger tires

    Any options other then forscan to change tire size? I really don’t trust myself with it but Apparently you cannot with the new sct device, any other options or would anyone be willing to make an idiot proof video on how to do it with forscan?
  2. Sct “gathering vehicle info”

    Anyone’s SCT take ~20 minutes to get into the computer? Trying to play with tire size because 5 star clearly didn’t when they wrote the tune and I’m about to run out of beer waiting, I’ve. Ever had an x3 this slow
  3. Firestone Destination XT

    Anyone tried these yet? About ready to pull the trigger on a leveling kit and was looking at doing 255/75r17 destination AT which I’ve had on several vehicles before and noticed they now have an XT which looks a little more aggressive. Just curious if anyone has ran them and how they behave/last