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  1. Still An Awesome Truck!

    You can count me as a happy Ranger owner. I only have 12,600 miles in over three years, but I'm retired and I will drive it anywhere for just about any reason. I still look back at it when I park it and walk away. :like:
  2. Just bought a new Ranger

    OP, nice looking cool Green color. Now just send in your credit card and we will handle all the purchases you never knew you needed, Ha Ha.
  3. 10 months in and 20k.

    Easy to guess why MPG's vary. Lead foot, low. Easy foot, high. I could get 26 out of my 2015 Mustang GT on highway trips with cruise on 70. But drive it around town or in the canyons, it was 17-18 maybe. Since I mostly drive easy since I retired, I am seeing 21-22 now in the Ranger. Sure is...
  4. Bouncy hood

    Bill just do it for your avatar girl..........
  5. Signing off for a few days

    Bill, I am glad your recovery is going well, but sorry that it is slow. My BIL a retired firefighter, had both of his hips replaced many years apart. I know it isn't fun but your lucky to have a wife who takes care of and helps guide you. I just recently had a skin abscess on my back and there...
  6. Congratulations Grandpa Terry (@fod)!!!

    Congratulations Terry. Being a grandpa will be fun 🤩
  7. Am I missing a Wheel Well Liner?

    Here is my 2019 :
  8. Just wanted to say hi

    I guess I have some mileage on some of you. I was born the same year as the Covette. 1953:rockon:
  9. Just wanted to say hi

    Access was simple. They add 1 extra bolt to each side at the frame. You re use the colored face parts again. Harness just plugs into the truck. If you want a trailer brake controller, you will have to add it.
  10. Just wanted to say hi

    I installed the factory tow package on my truck after I bought it: The wire harness just plugs in the truck.
  11. Need some recommendations for my 2019 XLT FX4 Ranger

    I use the S mode when I need to accelerate quickly, then I shift it into D for highway sections when I just cruise. I installed Fox 2.0 rear shocks in the rear only and it helped settle down the wallow quite a bit. I'm also using a Rough Country 2.5 level lift in the front to minimize the rake...
  12. Just wanted to say hi

    Welcome Robert. There is a wealth of good info on the forum. Many of us here are of advanced experience, Ha Ha. I have been on many forums and I find this one to be the best one because of the people on here. We love to help people spend money on things they didn't know they needed.
  13. Ford Ranger Sales Lose Nearly Half Segment Share During Q2 2022

    That’s the special Bend Over sale. 😊
  14. Ford Ranger Sales Lose Nearly Half Segment Share During Q2 2022

    They have a 2016 Shelby GT 350 with 5000 miles marked at $62,495 that’s been there for over a month.
  15. Ford Ranger Sales Lose Nearly Half Segment Share During Q2 2022

    They want $131,000 for it. Only had used Rangers and 4 Mustangs.
  16. Ford Ranger Sales Lose Nearly Half Segment Share During Q2 2022

    I went by a local dealer on Monday and they had 8 F150s with a RAPTOR that had a $50,000 markup 😮😮😮
  17. How long for the Ranger smile to fade?

    He’s the same color as his truck thanks to 303…..😮
  18. How long for the Ranger smile to fade?

    Finally, we have a picture of Dave @AzScorpion
  19. Factory Installed Defective Jounce Bumpers 21 Tremor

    Hilariously brutal :crackup: