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  1. Mirror replacement

    Nice...great thing is I work for a German company therefore our bolt bins are full of metric fasteners either in Zinc or A4 Stainless :D
  2. Mirror replacement

    cheers to you for the response and thread! Now to get the mirror first and then replace. :P
  3. Mirror replacement

    Anyone replace a mirror yet? Difficulty levels? Seems a 4x4 chunk of lumber had it out for me yesterday on the Hardy toll road....
  4. A missed reservation and long charging times.

    I'm hoping that solar panel efficiency starts catching up so that the car can have a panel grid that will at least charge it SOME. But, as I do work in the pipeline inspection industry we have been seeing more and more push toward pipelines converting over to Hydrogen. This is what we need to...
  5. 3 years / 30k miles - Shop says I need to flush brake and coolant, is this true?

    I've always asked them where that schedule is in the owners manual...especially with my "I'm an old redneck and work outside" voice. I get a dirty look. :) One of the main reasons why I always go instead of letting the wife or my mom take their cars in for maintenance as I take care of most of...
  6. Ranger Remorse? anyone?

    My ONLY remorse is that I got the blue XLT instead of the blue LARIAT sitting next to it...I think it was about 5k more since it was decked out and 4x4 (mine is 2WD) and that was the deciding factor...I didn't really need the 4X4.
  7. $75 dollars to check transmission fluid

    can you fill from the B&M dipstick?
  8. $75 dollars to check transmission fluid

    this is a fine point - we owned two escapes prior to my Ranger and each time I performed the trans service I'd drop the contents from the plug, refill and drive for 15-20 minutes, drop and fill, drove for another 15-20 minutes, and do a third. This was I believe the way to get about 85-95% of...
  9. Mavrick Sport ?

    Okay...that...with the running gear pulled from the most recent Focus RS powertrain...hell yeah...2.3 AWD...400 hp would make that a spicy little number :)
  10. Only 2 views of my truck that i hate

    working in the oil and gas industry I can tell you that drilling for more oil isn't quite the answer...we have plenty of feedstock for fuels - but our refining capacity is somewhat hampered due to EPA regulation. Again this is PART of the issue but not entirely. As for the record profits of...
  11. Bronco issues?

    I get the whole supply chain issue but the valves breaking...and from a certain month (allegedly) screams metallurgy issues....heat treat not done right or wrong materials used. Some supply chain guy mixed up two boxes and bam... As for first year...yeah I say that and yeah I got me a...
  12. Bronco issues?

    damn...this puts paid to the old adage you pass on that first year new model :(
  13. Whatcha Think…?

    as far as audible differences goes - is it louder? I know this is purely subjective but if you can compare it to the stock sound what would the difference be?
  14. Bedrug - full bed ($$$$) vs floor/tailgate ($$)

    I got the Bed Rug impact and it has held up really well. I will say that when I installed it I really should have been more careful on the velcro placement on the tail gate section - this was my fault and not a mfg issue. All in all it is a really good product and works well.
  15. Got to love Ol' Ford trucks

    I THINK that is a Marmon Herrington conversion on both and LAWD those things make those trucks look sexy. Didn't watch the video but that 1966 I think with that color makes it likely a forestry truck and even more awesome.
  16. 2022 Ranger stock XLT wheels....hmmm

    Yeah I've got the chrome package as well - I've actually been looking at possibly, slowly, starting to remove some of the chrome bits and the wheels that are highlighted here are on my want list.
  17. Well folks, I'm sorry

    Ranger Pride - its interesting because here in my part of Texas - the Chevy dealer has a fair bit of stock, the Dodge dealer has a decent bit as well, the Ford dealer has, literally, about 10-12 NEW cars on the lot - same with the Toyota dealer, but the Nissan dealer has nearly a full lot...
  18. Well folks, I'm sorry

    I would actually be interested in the V6's performance and economy. I honestly did not know they were using anything other than the Hemi's and the diesel. Cheers sir - its a nice truck and I do think their interiors are great. D
  19. What features would a Lincoln version of the Ranger look like?

    You know...there is/was the Mercedes Benz X-class based on the Nissan Navarra / Frontier. The Wiki article actually states that it would be the worlds first "true premium truck" after the failed Blackwood, Mark LT and Escalade EXT trucks. Thing is, Merc didn't offer it for sale in the US and...
  20. replacement 3rd brake light - camera combo

    that's what I was thinking as well and it wouldn't be an issue for me.