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  1. Ford refusing to honor Bumper to Bumper Warranty

    I'm lucky because my wife doesn't mind sleeping in a tent - know a number of guys whose wives won't camp unless it's an RV. I have to laugh because when I get up to pee ta night the wife also goes outside of the tent and squats rather than using the vaults if we are in a formal camp ground, but...
  2. Ford refusing to honor Bumper to Bumper Warranty

    Well my comment isn't much better than their back and forth - a rant about RVs. I did sleep in one just last weekend - it was big, $85 k, but it was parked at a friends ranch where his wife won't allow his friends to sleep in their house (smart lady) and I got stuck sleeping in the area where 2...
  3. Ford refusing to honor Bumper to Bumper Warranty

    jeez I just made it in under the wire !
  4. Ford refusing to honor Bumper to Bumper Warranty

    Well my .02 is I cannot believe all these massive fuel eating RVs having to tow pickups, sometimes full sized, I see these things packed side by side in RV parks all over highway 160 in southern colorado. Buy a tent and pack it in the bed of the Ranger . Having said this I have a number of...
  5. We’re Off! Arizona - Colorado - South Dakota - Colorado - Utah and Back.

    Ok good pics, but is the scenery distracting you from noticing how many of your fav vehicles you are seeing out there ? I just came back from a day trip to Durango - can't believe how many Tacos I saw today. Durango wasn't all that crowded but it has been raining which causes a number of...
  6. Hot Weather Performance

    Off topic but I'm amused at all the "new" hockey fans in Denver - a good many I'd wager don't even understand the game. I had a blast yrs back taking the broken down bus from Zang's across I-25 to watch what IIRC were the Rockies play at Mcnichols and even front row seats were cheap.
  7. Hot Weather Performance

    Just this summer I've begun using tow mode when going up hills - as I've experience lugging , which I believe would negatively impact fuel economy and not ideal for the engine. . This started occurring on warmer days with very dry air, this past week with cooler temps and higher humidity the...
  8. Hot Weather Performance

    Phil you may well know that a Federal judge in 2019 dismissed a $1.2B class action suit against Ford related to mpg estimates for the F-150 and Ranger (link below) making these comments : "Regardless, Judge Sean F. Cox agreed with Ford’s argument that the lawsuit and its claims must be...
  9. Small Road Trip observered drivers.

    Different era , congress passed that 55 mph in 1974 in response to the arab oil embargo which did create real supply shortages, congress being what it is today isn't going to agree to that for a number of reasons - one being the PTOS takes much of the blame for high gas prices. And most autos...
  10. Small Road Trip observered drivers.

    yes you are screwed - as is my offspring. I take a fatalistic viewpoint - no way is the "mess" going to be cleaned up as expediently as it was made save for some sort of catastrophic occurrence - which is becoming more and more likely.
  11. Small Road Trip observered drivers.

    Us old(er) farts need younger guys to be more productive and work harder to fix things, like global warming, overpopulation, national debt, high gas prices, crowded highways, excessive wait times at fast food drive-ins and most of all bad ACC boxes in our Rangers. No time to post on here :shock:
  12. A missed reservation and long charging times.

    From Reuters : Nov 10 (Reuters) - Global automakers are planning to spend more than half a trillion dollars on electric vehicles and batteries through 2030, according to a Reuters analysis, amping up investments aimed at weaning car buyers away from fossil fuels and meeting increasingly tough...
  13. Walker Texas Ranger

    chuck norris actually endorsed everyone's favorite truck on here - you guessed it no other than the Toyota Tacoma.
  14. Crazy people you want to have a beer with...

    thread reminds me of a classic scene from stripes, bill murray wanting to party with one of his fellow soldiers.
  15. We’re Off! Arizona - Colorado - South Dakota - Colorado - Utah and Back.

    from the archives - back in 1999 lightning strike got em on mt evans - imagine driving up and seeing this sight
  16. We’re Off! Arizona - Colorado - South Dakota - Colorado - Utah and Back.

    As you probably know the parks service was underbudgeted for many yrs, I believe they received a large sum - as in billions to begin to address the backlog of projects - IIRC that may have been $90b in backlogged projects. Also their mission is to preserve the parks for future generations. I...
  17. We’re Off! Arizona - Colorado - South Dakota - Colorado - Utah and Back.

    pics say it all (one of estes park traffic) and reservation started 2 yrs back I believe. Wife and I used to hike in RMNP for over 15 yrs, mostly on Sunday mornings, each successive year we had to leave earlier for parking at trail heads (like 6am) and disliked having to drive thru Estes on...
  18. We’re Off! Arizona - Colorado - South Dakota - Colorado - Utah and Back.

    Don't ask, don't tell. But to plan a trip to go see RMNP and not realize that reservations are required to get into the park. Does raise some serious questions regards intent.
  19. Evacuate!

    Although the punishment for having an illegal fire aren't usually very large, but you can be held liable for the cost associated with a forest fire - which can be huge as in the cases referenced below. Supposedly nearly 90% of forest fires are caused by humans. "For example, the United States...
  20. 3 years / 30k miles - Shop says I need to flush brake and coolant, is this true?

    I never flush the brake fluid, but bleed out a fair amount when replacing brakes. Live in an area of low relative humidity though. Haven't had to rebuild a brake piston in over a decade, but recollect it wasn't easy to find a rebuild kit back then.