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  1. Rear Bumper Cover

    I had the dealer replace my rear bumper cover under warranty because the ends were very close as in almost touching the tailgate when it is open. You could actually see the bow in the back edge. Well the new one is actually a lttle worse in that at the license plate it actually touches my...
  2. Rear Bumper Cover

    I have been wanting a Putco Tailgate Lightbar since I got mt '21 Ranger. Problem has been that the bumper cover ia bowed closer to tailgate when down on the ends than in the middle so no clearance for lightbar. I went to my Ford dealer's body shop today. Body shop Asst Mgr said they could...
  3. Tap into Brake Light Circuit

    Does any know if you can tap into ghe brake light circuit behind the brake light without causing any problems with electronics? I have a Lariat with the full boat of electronics. I know you can.t tap in at the trailer plug. Thanks
  4. New Putco Tailgate Light Bar

    Has anyone taken the plunge and purchased one? I would like to get one except clearance to the tailgate when closed and when closing is extremely tight and the bedside ends. It is too expensive to take the plunge and not be able to install it.
  5. Tailgate Handle

    I want to paint my tailgate handle to match the door handles which are body color. The current handle has a slight texture so it would likely not come out smooth. I see that there is a different part number for the '19 & '20 models vs the '21 models. Does anyone know if there is any...
  6. Electrical Question

    I have 21 Lariat with BLISS. Thinking about putting some lights above the license plate similar to what Msfitoy did. The ones I am thinking about using function both as tail lights and brake lights. Tail lights I would connect to license plate lights. Would connecting the brake lights to the...
  7. Painting Tailgate Handle

    I would like to paint my tailgate handle to match my truck. Door handles match but tailgate handle is black. If you painted yours what did you do, did you sand it to get it smoother or just use adhesion promoter, prime, paint and clear coat? Some close up pics would be great. TIA George
  8. Tailgate Handle Removal

    I want to paint my tailgate handle to match my truck. How complicated is it to remove? I thought I would just buy one in color but the service part is indicated as paint to match. Thanks.
  9. Putco Blade Tailgate Light Bar

    The new, plug and play I believe, tailgate light bar is available according to Putco customer service. I was planning to order one. I checked for available space when I had the tailgate open. With the tight clearance tailgate to the license plate and the and the camera cable I do not think...
  10. Bummer Today - Lost turn signal bulb inside light

    Several months ago I put chrome bulbs in my turn signals to get rid of fried egg look. Apparently I did not seat the one on the passenger side fully and it came out of the socket an fell into the light. Could no fish it out. Put in a regular bulb and plan to remove the headlight assembly in...
  11. Parking Lights -2021 Lariat

    My Lariat does not have amber parking lights on the front, is this correct? Seems odd to me. Thanks
  12. Front Parking Lights

    My 21 Ranger has no amber front parking lights, not on on parking light setting or headlight setting. Are they just using the DRL as the parking light? Thanks
  13. Received two Recalls on My 2021 Ranger

    One for improperly attached seat belts on super cab trucks. They can separate fron their mounting points. They tell you and show in a video how to test them. Dealers are to provide loaner vehicles no charge (except gas & insurance) to customers. Parts are expected to be a available near the...
  14. Changing Front Turn Signal Bulbs

    Can you get to front turn signal bulbs without major disassembly? I think I have found them but am hesitant to turn what I beleive what is the bulb so I don't break anything. Anyone replaced them? I want to change to chrome bulbs to get rid of the fried egg look. Thanks.. George
  15. Lets See Mud Flaps / Splash Guards --- What ever you call them

    Thinking of getting some for my truck. Lets see some pics of your truck with them. What brand are they? Are they no drill? Would you buy that brand again? Thanks
  16. New Scab Owner With Two Questions

    1. With the rear seat head rests so close to the rear window how do you clean the inside of the rear glass? I looked for a release for the seat back but couldn't find one. 2. On the dash right below the hradlight switch is an opening that looks like it would be a release but there is...
  17. Automatic Climate Control - 2021 Ranger Larit

    When Sync Climate it asks me for temperature. In my 2014 Fusion I can tell it to turn on rear defrost, or defroster or increase fan speed. Is the Ranger capabilty handicaped or am I missing something? Thanks George
  18. Couple Questions - Phone Address Book & Door Locks

    About once a day the truck downloads my phone address book, is that normal? On my 2014 Fusion it either does not do so or it doesn't show that it does. On my new Ranger the auto unlock only unlocks the driver door on my Fusion all four doors unlock. Thanks George
  19. How much lift to level 2021 4X4?

    How much is required to level '21 4X4 Ranger? Thanks George
  20. R2 Ceramic Coating

    Has anyone tried R2 Ceramic Coating on their vehicles? Seems like a good protection for your vehicles.