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  1. Ford refusing to honor Bumper to Bumper Warranty

    IMO, that's not what the memo that was posted says; instead, it says that if a transmission blows up and there's any indication that the vehicle was towed, it's not covered. More specifically, there's nothing about a diagnostic procedure to determine whether the proper procedure was used.
  2. Ford refusing to honor Bumper to Bumper Warranty

    I know one thing: there's no way I'd ever take a chance flat towing a ranger.
  3. Ford pass removing some features

    it would be a complete waste of time because there's no way that's controlled in the app rather than on the back end. the app update just eliminates a user interface element that would either do nothing or error out.
  4. AA Wireless (turns Android Auto into wireless Android Auto)

    that is: mostly, but sometimes not, for no apparent reason
  5. Parking brake boot.....Genuine Pleather

    This is definitely covered under warranty, I've had mine replaced. Either there's something specific to NJ or the dealer is just clueless. (Or, I suppose, it is possible that Ford has issued a TSB saying that cracked parking brake boots are normal for the ranger and will no longer be replaced...
  6. Long range fuel tank

    hell, some of us don't want to die a fiery death even if we're not offroad. ?‍♂️
  7. Long range fuel tank

    you should talk to your dealer before you need it :)
  8. FORD's new and improved Bullshit

    In my experience it's not hard to justify. With an inkjet, if you print a lot, you'll spend a fortune on ink. If you don't print a lot, you'll spend a fortune replacing dried up ink every time you want to print something. I got my first laser printer in 1994, that one ran until 2015, when I got...
  9. FORD's new and improved Bullshit

    No, we pay (via DoD) quite a lot of money every year for them. Most receivers can decode multiple networks, so in some cases it may be the Europeans, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, or Russians paying for them. It's definitely not Ford except insofar as they pay taxes.
  10. FORD's new and improved Bullshit

    Is this in addition to or in place of the insane markup they've traditionally charged for nav?
  11. FORD's new and improved Bullshit

    I solved this problem by just not watching big media crap. ?‍♂️
  12. Finally got rid of the old man chrome...

    I like chrome as a functional alternative to paint on things likely to be scratched. I hate pretty much all modern chrome because it's mostly shiny plastic and just for looks, adding nothing at all to durability. I hate the blackout look for both functional and aesthetic reasons. :)
  13. Parking brake boot.....Genuine Pleather

    wow, they certainly do have a wide range of colors. ? I wonder which of the shades of grey would work best. I'm also trying to decide whether I want to do this, or just keep making ford pay for replacements until they get a clue.
  14. Hood Struts

    ford: where customer loyalty doesn't f'ing matter
  15. SuperCab Love

    The early supercabs were also delayed back in 2019. You've got to wait for the best. :)
  16. Oil change

    yup. it's likely that the science will change, but almost certainly it will be in the direction of longer intervals.
  17. Lariat Scab 501A Stereo

    the same one you'd get without the 501A package. main difference in the head unit is no HD radio just because.
  18. Using USB stick with music for SYNC

    I always use my phone and it's iffy about reconnecting to that (sometimes works fine, sometimes decides there's no BT source and drops to FM right before announcing that the phone has connected). It's not the USB drive, it's the slow startup of the sync system--which is why chasing folk remedies...