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  1. VIDEO(s) - The Explore Series: Arizona, Utah and New Mexico

    6,358 miles of travel in three weeks to the back country of AZ>UT>NM. Traveled with a really good buddy of mine. Five episodes have been uploaded to my YouTube page and I estimate another five episodes are to come. Hope you enjoy watching just as much as I enjoyed living the experience...
  2. 2021 West Coast Trip: AZ, UT, NM

    No captions, just pics. Will post incrementally. Three weeks of backcountry camping.
  3. Virginia SuperCrew OEM Running Boards

    $100 local pickup Woodbridge, VA 22193
  4. Truck Cap / Topper Attic

    Is anyone running an attic netting in their truck cap / topper. I'm looking to store my sleeping bag, pillows, and other lightweight items there.
  5. Decked w/ Topper

    Any one running the Decked system with a topper? Please post pics. Would be very grateful.
  6. Virginia Marmot Limestone 8P Tent

    $375. Original price $700. Local pickup only. Woodbridge, VA 22193
  7. Mitts Alloy Tray Canopy Coming to US

    Very excited to have learned through Mule Expedition’s IG page that Mitts Alloy is bringing their products to the United States. If you’ve ever watched 24/7 4WD (formerly known as 4WD Action) you will know that Graham’s D-Max is outfitted with their canopy. I’m encouraged to see this product...
  8. Weekend Warrior Pics

    Autumn is in the air. These are all from West Virginia, in various parts of the Monongahela National Forest.
  9. ARB Parts Listing for US Ranger

    Thought this would be helpful to share. ARB informed me the rear bumper should be available by October 2020. Will need to contact your local ARB dealer for pricing. Enjoy!
  10. 2020 Summer West Coast Trip

    VA to SD to WY to MT to VA Here’s a few to get started... Ft. Pierre National Grasslands, SD
  11. A.R.E CX Revo - 2 month review

    What Did I Consider Before Purchasing the CX Revo? I didn't know too much about truck caps when I started researching but I knew that ARB made one for the Ranger. I really liked all the features of the ARB Ascent so I contacted some retailers in the Northern Virginia area. None offered the...
  12. Virginia 305/55/R20 XD820 / Mickey Thompson ATZ

    For Sale: 20" XD 820 WHEELS & 33.2" Mickey Thompson ATZ P3 Both the tires and wheels only have 3,158 miles of usage. They came installed on the truck from the dealer. XD Grenade XD820 Satin Black Milled with Red Tint Wheel Size: 20x9 Bolt Pattern: 6x5.5. Offset: 0 Backspace: 0 Price Brand...
  13. Racks on Truck Caps

    I didn’t see anything posted on this topic yet. Looking for ideas from Forum members on what racks they are using on top of their truck caps. Pics highly recommended!
  14. Black Rhino Primm on BFG KM3

    Just pulled the trigger on a set of Black Rhino Primm wheels in a 17x9, Omm offset with 5” backspace. My plans are to mount them on BFG KM3s in a 295/70R17. Due to COVID, everything probably won’t be mounted and installed until mid June, so stay tuned! I’ll be selling my current wheel and...
  15. Downsizing in wheel But upsizing in Tire

    Hi. I’m currently running 305/55R20s with a 3.5” lift. I’m looking to downsize to an 18” wheel and upgrade to a 34” tire, or as close as I can get to it. I want more rubber and less wheel. I had to do a bit of trimming to fit my current wheel/tire combo so I’m hoping I’ll be alright with this...