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  1. What are the chances of a long wheel base Tremor?

    Yeah, that would never happen…. The rear over hang on both the SuperCab and SuperCrew are already pretty long.
  2. What are the chances of a long wheel base Tremor?

    I agree 100%… the longer WB makes break over and turning radius an issue. But those who put a cap on to sleep in the bed will prefer the 6’ bed. The extra dry space of the crew cab is hard to go without. That’s why a Tremor package makes sense as you mentioned… factory lift and suspension...
  3. What are the chances of a long wheel base Tremor?

    If this configuration is 12” longer than the current Ranger (212.5” length) that would put it at 224.5”. With a 6” bed. Actually I think the ‘23 Ranger is an inch or two shorter than the ‘22? The current SuperCrew F-150 with a 5.5” bed is 231.7” so that’s over 7” longer with a 6” shorter bed...
  4. What are the chances of a long wheel base Tremor?

    If a SuperCrew Longbed Ranger is made, would you be interested in a Tremor package? I’d say “Hell yeah!!!” This would be an awesome base Overland truck right from the factory!!!
  5. My 2021!!

    What Method Racing wheel designs are you thinking about? Attached are two of my favorites from Method. I saw a few from Black Rhino that also looked phenomenal.
  6. Well, my Tremor is done.

    Synyster06Gates, glad you’re okay. Your Tremor was one of the nicest I’ve seen too. A shame to see it damaged. YES!!! I am one of those SuperCrew/longbed holdouts. Seems like pretty low hanging fruit for Ford to make it happen with an extended wheelbase. I spent 8 hours on the interstates...
  7. Tailgate Mod (maverick inspired)

    100% agree. I have the Kuat NV base 2.0 w/ the 2 bike extension. It’s heavy and expensive, but folds up when not in use and can tip forward for vehicle access. These racks are rock solid and 2-4 bikes can be secured in a minute or two. The trays fit a variety of tire/wheel sizes too. No...
  8. Tail of the Dragon

    I live in Charlotte, NC so the TotD is only a 4 hour drive/ride from home. I’ve been on it a couple of times, first on my ‘00 CBR600F4 with my dad bringing up the rear on his Goldwing… both of us riding at a reasonable pace enjoying the scenery. Second time a few years later with 3 high school...
  9. Tailgate Mod (maverick inspired)

    Another reason Ford should just offer the Ranger in a SuperCrew/Longbed configuration!!! Best of both worlds. BTW, Sweet mountain bike, Wazza1726!!! I’m an avid MTBer too. ??
  10. Are You and “In” or “Out” Guy…?

    I have a 3 car garage (2 car side loading and one smaller front loading) and my truck gets parked on the pad next to the smaller garage. My wife gets the best spot for her ‘16 Honda Pilot and next to her is room for my motorcycle (‘16 Honda Africa Twin) and all the family Mtn bikes. The...
  11. Is there any disadvantage to a SuperCab?

    I do care about size and have a ‘02 F-150 SuperCrew now. Problem is In the 20 years I’ve owned mine, they have grown considerably (see the photos). I know I want a midsize (definitely not a full-size), but Ford is the only BoF midsize that doesn’t offer a SuperCrew/longbed configuration. I...
  12. Is there any disadvantage to a SuperCab?

    I would agree, but let’s start of with a SuperCrew with a 6’ bed. A SuperCrew with a 6’ bed (extended wheelbase) would be perfect for me. Heck with the SuperCrew so popular, I’d bet a SuperCrew/longbed configuration would come close if not exceed the sales numbers of the SuperCab Ranger???
  13. Is there any disadvantage to a SuperCab?

    I love the look of the SuperCab… the proportions look more truck like with the bed being longer than the hood. And having a 6’ bed is awesome… I’m a Mtn biker and paddler so the extra bed volume would be my preference. But I’m married with two kids and a dog so a SuperCrew is a must. This...
  14. 2022 Ranger

    And as of yesterday, nothing on the site about a ‘22 configurator either! ?. I guess since there is limited capacity to build them no sense in trying to drum up new businesses???
  15. 2022 Ranger Splash Limited Edition Colors Announced - Snow, Forest and Sand Editions

    The most frustrating thing is the Ranger is the only midsize truck I like and want…. but the Ranger is the only BoF midsize that doesn’t have a SuperCrew/longbed configuration available!!! ?
  16. 2022 Ranger Splash Limited Edition Colors Announced - Snow, Forest and Sand Editions

    I’m driving a 20 year old F-150 and wanted a new midsize 2 years ago. Unfortunately I want a crewcab/longbed configuration. Not available in a Ranger and not thrilled with what the other brands who do make that configuration….. So I save my $$$ and wait… and wait.
  17. 2022 Ranger Splash Limited Edition Colors Announced - Snow, Forest and Sand Editions

    As successful as the Tremor package has been, I’m assuming it will continue into the next generation? I’m also hopeful of a SuperCrew/longbed option as well. I’m just dreaming though.
  18. 2022 Ranger Splash Limited Edition Colors Announced - Snow, Forest and Sand Editions

    I really ike all three of these colors, especially the Forged Green! But this is coming from someone who has been driving the same Highland Green ‘02 F-150 Lariat SuperCrew for the last 20 years…. Yes 20! Funny thing though, I still love the color even though the Carolina summers have been...
  19. Took my Ranger out for a little drive today

    Thanks for the great post! I’ll have to check this place myself. I’m also a Mtn biker and backpacker. I live in Charlotte but almost always end up in the Wilson Creek Wilderness area when I want to get out of town. I need to mix it up more and discover new amazing places in this...
  20. So who is ordering a 2022 Tremor.

    I’m waiting on the 2022 configurator too. My perfect ‘21 build happens to be SuperCrew Lariat Tremor with a few other options for $47-$48k. But what I REALLY want isn’t available in ’22. That would be the above mentioned build but in a longbed configuration. With that said, I’m holding off...