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  1. Where are all the woodworkers?!?

    Woodworking.... Everything from Model Rocketry to Oak Mirror Frames. The older I get, the more I enjoy woodworking.
  2. I quit my job, but snagged you guys a cool pic on the way out...

    Good luck on the job search.... and thanks for posting the photo. Holy Schnikey's. You would think the Tech. would have placed blankets or at least something substantial on the seats to protect them.. go figure?
  3. FX4 Tire Pressure - Revisited

    We didn't notice any change in ride quality.
  4. Fuel Mileage Enhancements..?

    Our FX4 is bone stock, except for some rock sliders, we consistently get 27 mpg or better. That's not over a couple thousand miles, that's over 26,000 miles at 8,200 feet elevation. Hand calculated.
  5. FX4 Tire Pressure - Revisited

    Our Hankooks are cupping, and the noise and vibration is annoying has hell. I rotate the tires every 4,000 miles, truck currently has 26,000 miles. I talked to the owner of a local tire shop about the cupping on the Hankook tires on the Ranger. He said these tires are notorious for this. He...
  6. Where should oil level be on dipstick?

    It's a procedural thing. You're fine. When the filter is removed, some of the old oil drains into the oil pan. So if a fella ... removes the drain plug, Lets the oil drain out of the crankcase, installs the drain plug, removes the oil filter, puts on the new filter, then fills the motor...
  7. Where should oil level be on dipstick?

    Did you remove the drain plug after the oil filter was removed?
  8. Front Mount Hitch Receiver

    I know some folks were looking for one of these. Agri-Cover Front Hitch Mount
  9. Thinking of flipping my spare tire over

    It's a painted chain... not a cable.
  10. Hi-lift Jack points ?

    It depends. Why are you using a floor jack? To change a tire? You'll find that jacking the truck up as shown in the diagram you've shown, using the rear axle tubes, will only take a very minimal amount of vertical jack movement to lift the rear tires off the ground. However, the front jack...
  11. Belltech lowering kit

    It appears the Belltech kit is now available. A fella over on the TRS site installed one last week... looks really good and at only $730 it seems like a great value too. How To Lower The Rear
  12. Do you still look back at it?

    Always have, with every vehicle I have ever owned. Some folks get it... others don't. You obviously do. Great idea for a thread.
  13. Report your MPG

    Fuel capacity per page 319 of the owners manual is 18.8 gallons. When we picked up our brand spanking shiny new 2019 Ranger SuperCab at the dealership the "Miles To E " display showed "0 " miles of fuel remaining, and the out of fuel chime was ringing. We drove about 3 blocks and filled up the...
  14. Very angry at entitled careless idiots

    Turning lemons into lemonaide...
  15. Bronco guys putting us to shame

    Based on what we've just learned from a couple posts... Sounds like your wife's more than just a bit impulsive... The Honda will likely be the best car you've ever owned.
  16. Bronco guys putting us to shame

    Not old... just older....
  17. I finally cut open the OEM muffler!

    If you look at aftermarket exhaust companies most have proven, using a dyno, that there exhausts do increase HP... but not by much.... and they all sound worse than the stock muffler... well IMO anyway. Link
  18. I finally cut open the OEM muffler!

    That's a great question. You can see the perforations in the photo of the internals of the pipe, but I sure don't see those perforations in any of the muffler photo's?
  19. Anybody planning to lower their 2019 Ranger?

    Only on date night.