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  1. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    I have one last ditch effort... open the "Get FordPass Token" shortcut and on the very first step select "FordPass Settings" and pick "FordPass Settings" from the dropdown list of shortcuts.
  2. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    I'm at a loss. When you run "FordPass Settings" on its own it outputs the text as it should but when it runs at the start of "Get FordPass Token" it doesn't output anything... this makes no sense. The only thing I can suggest is restarting the phone or trying to replace "FordPass Settings"...
  3. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    That "measurement failed because no unit was specified" was the error I was getting that alerted me to the whole problem of the shortcuts not working at all. If you are getting that on the watch but not the iPhone then the "Get FordPass Token" shortcut on the watch is the old shortcut and not...
  4. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    On iPhone: Settings -> [your name] -> iCloud -> Shortcuts is on and there is space available? Settings -> Shortcuts -> iCloud Sync is on? Shortcuts -> Apple Watch shows all the shortcuts? Your iPhone and watch are connected to the same network?
  5. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    With the "Get FordPass Token" open click on the little blue circle with sliders at the top near the 'X" to close Select "Privacy" and make sure it looks like this:
  6. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    Wow. That's the correct output but somewhere the clientID is getting dropped before getting to the URL. Alright, back in the "Get FordPass Token" shortcut, where we added the "Text" box at the bottom, click in the text field and back off the "Contents of URL" Pick the "Select Variable" above...
  7. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    Those are correct so there is something else. Lets go back to where I had you do this: What does that output say? Replace your personal info with "X"s before posting here.
  8. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    No worries! This points to the problem being with the "FordPass Settings" shortcut instead. If you open that shortcut, at the bottom should be definitions for username, password, vin, clientId and applicationId. I'm guessing that somewhere along the line the value for clientId got changed...
  9. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    Now we need to check the values being returned by those URL calls. Open "Get FordPass Token" through the three little dots Scroll down to the bottom of the shortcut In the search field that says "Search for apps and actions" type "Text" without the quotes (") There should be a list and one of...
  10. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    No, it wouldn't say it fails but after running it it should show a text box at the end of the shortcut with a token in it. If you click the little ">" in the circle next to the first URL it should be a "POST" method with a "Form" request body and it should list client id, username, etc. under...
  11. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    Cool, we're getting there. It is failing in the "Get FordPass Token" shortcut. Does it say "14 actions" on the "Get FordPass Token" shortcut? Open the "Get FordPass Token" shortcut. Are there two (2) "Get contents of" with an https URL following them? Those little lines between each step MUST...
  12. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    Okay. Do the same with "Get FordPass Token". Is there a text window at the end of that?
  13. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    Alrighty, lets go in order. Open up "FordPass Settings" as if you were going to edit it by using the three little dots on the shortcut Down in the bottom right corner there is a "Play" arrow Push play Scroll to the bottom of that shortcut Is there a text window formatted with your information...
  14. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    When you say, "It doesn't work" what does that mean? How does it fail? Do they execute but don't do anything? Does Siri give a response back? You need to be a little more specific and I can try and help you out. :)
  15. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    You may need to remove the shortcuts from the watch and resync with your phone. Here are some links.
  16. Looks like an update is out for Sync

    You are correct; it's a FordPass update NOT SYNC.
  17. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    Howdy All! Ford changed a couple of their API calls so that is what caused everyone's shortcuts to fail. The one that needs to be replaced is "Get FordPass Token". I just got around to digging into it and you can get a copy of it here. Thanks goes to some dude on reddit and not me.
  18. Missing part to center console?

    @Dr. Zaius convinced me to buy the bins that fit between the console and seat. I needed it so bad that I put one in and don't even use it. :)
  19. Missing part to center console?

    I took my EcoBoost badge off to get better mileage.