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  1. North Carolina 4sale - Rough Country Rear Shocks

    Anyone with stock Fx4 shocks really needs these! The RCs where a stop gap for me and sopmewhat of a test to see if there was a prpblem to be solved - There was!. I am selling bc I finally got some Bilstein 5100s. I can say that the RCs where a vast improvement over stock Fx4 shocks. The...
  2. North Carolina Engine Umbrella for SALE?

    Hey Guys I scored a 2nd engine cover kit for Christmas and don't need 2! Includes studs and nuts. Brand New - in fact have not even opened the shipping box. Asking $50 plus shipping. If you dont get the thread title, search the forum!
  3. Replacement Armrests

    Benny can you confirm which of these is the Black leather armrest? I am pretty sure its not BB. Someone said its BA, but ash only comes on XLs and not available with leather. So can you confirm KB3Z-2106024-AA is Leather. And I assume code you previously will still work.
  4. Ford SEMA - Maverick and Ranger

    Pretty interesting Maverick concepts, Rangers are not bad either! Motor1 : Ford Reveals Slammed Maverick, Lifted Rangers For SEMA Show.
  5. North Carolina WTS XLT Headlights

    Replaced with Lariats at about 5k miles. Excellent shape. Missing one cap as it had to be donated to the one of the Lariat lights. $200 each or $350 for the pair. Looking for local pickup or meet within an hours of Apex, NC. But will consider shipping. Pictures coming, but C'mon you know...
  6. North Carolina Stock Side Steps Crew Cab

    Selling my take offs - replaced with Power Steps. In great shape, asking $200. Crew Cab. Local only. I will consider meeting outside of Raleigh area.
  7. Keep your stock lug nuts, but change the color w/o paint (or PlastiDip!)

    EDIT - Ok I have cured my ignorance! Having not investigated Fords swollen lug-nuts(my bad). I now understand the risk! I assumed the cap was chromed steel, not ALUMINUM!!!! What Mechanical engineer worth his degree combines steel and aluminum in an corrosive environment is beyond me! So...
  8. North Carolina WTB Tremor Wheels and Tires

    Looking to see if anyone in NC is thinking of getting rid of their Tremor wheels. Looking for pickup options no shipping
  9. Best Wheels for a White Truck

    OK I know I shouldn't ask, but I have been trying to decide to keep my Machined Magnetic wheels or change to Magnetics or Blackout package Blacks. Wheel and Tire takeoffs (ideally with TPMS) I may not listen to you guys, but curious what the consensus would be. And I am bored at work waiting...
  10. North Carolina FS Non-Lariat Side View Mirrors - Power Folding with BLIS

    Looking to sell my take offs. BLIS, Power Folding and Mirror adjustment $250 each or $450 for the pair plus shipping - DRIVER SIDE SOLD Perfect shape, std black
  11. North Carolina WTS Stock 18" Machined w/ Magnetic pockets and tires

    Looking to sell full set of 4 wheels, tires and TPMS. 10k mi on the tires $600 local pickup in Raleigh, NC area. Willing to drive a bit if needed./ 18-inch Machined Aluminum Wheel w/ Magnetic Pockets Optional on Ranger XLT and LARIAT with Sport Appearance Package
  12. Ranger5G Shirt?

    There's been a few posts about Ranger T-shirts, but what about some forum love? Today is my off Friday and was planning to do some yard work. So I dipped into my "old" t-shirts and pulled this out! Gotta be 15ys old! But if the Frontier guys had one, surely Ranger5G needs one? I'd pay $20-25...
  13. North Carolina WTS - Sequential LED Turn Signal for Lariat Mirrors

    Bought these and then found ones I liked better. These are off eBay A few post where I describe these and the ones I ultimately went with Amazon - see HERE and HERE. $20 shipped or $10 local pickup
  14. North Carolina FREE - LED Fog lights

    Before you get too excited, these are some just some H8 LED Fog Lamps. Much brighter and whiter than the stock Halogens. I decided to go with switchbacks to get both white and yellow fogs so figured I would help out a fellow 5g'r Local pickup(Apex) or pay shipping.
  15. Ugliest Ranger?

    Found this on a list of ugliest pickups. Never heard of it, but they only built 20 of them! Well is it the ugliest? Link to story
  16. How To - Turn Off Or Dim License Plate Lights When Camera Is On/In Reverse

    UPDATED 5/9/21 Well I am at it again. This time getting rid of the night time camera glare coming off the License Plate Lights. Idea started from this thread: Rear cam vs. License Plate Lights and @Venator68 idea to use a module available in Germany that shuts the lights off when vehicle is...
  17. XLT to Lariat Fog Lights?

    Has anyone done this? Is it possible and is it plug and play? Other than the reported difficulty in getting to the fog lights physically! Now that I have Lariat bright white headlights , my fog lights look pretty dismal.
  18. North Carolina WTB Driver Side Lariat Door Mirror

    Long shot, but thought I would ask!
  19. How to add Lariat heated mirrors to an XLT

    This is in fact possible and is not that difficult to do - Mirrors are currently pricey, but for me it was worth it. Enjoy. and Video 4/14/21 Update I finally got 2 mirrors and all the wiring kit together. Yesterday I ran the wires from the mirror connector (using the proper connector pins...
  20. North Carolina Want to Trade 18" Magnetic/Silver for 17" Magnetic Wheels and Tires

    DECIDED TO KEEP EM TRADE or BUY or SWAP Seeing if anyone local to NC (Raleigh) wants to trade (plus cash if tires are not equiv shape) 18" Magnetic/Silver wheels and Tires for 17" Magnetic wheels and tires. In pictures these: 18-inch Machined Aluminum Wheel w/ Magnetic Pockets Optional on...