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  1. Illinois Decked system for 5' Bed (2020)

    If only I drove up to Chicago this weekend like I originally planned, hahah.
  2. just received my suspension kit

    Just a nuts and bolts job on these vehicles... remove what gets in the way (being especially mindful of wiring), put it back when you have the new suspension components in.
  3. Leather Center Console Cover, Highly recommend!

    Thanks for reading my posts so religiously. Nice to have a fan.
  4. Leather Center Console Cover, Highly recommend!

    Again, appreciate the civil tone of your post. So everyone can stop assuming, I test drove 4 different Ford Rangers ranging from a standard base 4x4, a couple FX4s, and finally my Tremor... along with a number of other mid-size trucks from all the brands. I ended up with the Tremor as the...
  5. Leather Center Console Cover, Highly recommend!

    Everyone else sees how bad the center console arm rest padding is? I agree... hard to ignore. You and your boy D's opinion on what I should do with my truck or if I should or shouldn't voice my opinion about my truck on this forum is useless. Stop trying to be a forum cop. You aren't being...
  6. Annoying honking

    But... when you get out of the car and, in turn, let off the brake the engine starts. And my Mustang was a stick shift... didn't have auto-start/stop.
  7. Decked w/ Topper

    Can you fit a rifle in those drawers length-wise? I'd imagine surely a standard hunting rifle but I'm talking my precision rifles... 26" barrels, etc. That would be sweet to foam the inside of these drawers and not have to carry around my Pelican case. All I would need after that is a little...
  8. Annoying honking

    Baffles me that Ford doesn't have a setting where you can turn this off. Like... why not? Is there some government regulation regarding fuel consumption requiring a warning I'm not aware of? My Mustang did this but I wasn't apprehensive about having that taken out since I was modifying the...
  9. Leather Center Console Cover, Highly recommend!

    You still follow me around this forum finding reasons to be a child? What is wrong with you?
  10. Leather Center Console Cover, Highly recommend!

    Ug... look, I appreciate the civil tone of your post, but please... stop going after me that I bought the wrong truck. I do not accept and will not accept cheapskate crap from Ford. They half-assed the center console ARM REST (where you REST YOUR ARM every single time you're in the truck) by...
  11. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished in Atlanta

    I've had dash cams on all my cars... I haven't gotten around to installing it in my Ranger, yet. Partially because I am thinking about getting a better one. The last one I had, a Rexing from maybe 3-years ago, lets me down at night. It doesn't pick up license plates at night (glare from the...
  12. Ditch light brackets bolt on

    Appreciate the idea. I don't want to daisy chain pieces of metal. Going to try the Diode Dynamics brackets. The eBay ones are terrible.
  13. Leather Center Console Cover, Highly recommend!

    I want to have mine re-done... the padding is a complete joke. Ford should be embarrassed.
  14. Car prices are soaring, and they’re not going to stop

    Hmm... didn't think about motorcycle. I have one I barely ride... This pricing nonsense is why I sold my Tahoe and traded my Jetta for the Ranger. I made out like a king compared to "normal times". Now if I could just sell my place for a metric eff ton of money but not have to spend it all on...
  15. Ditch light brackets bolt on

    I want my ditch lights farther to the side of the truck to avoid hood glare. Can you make a version that does that? These are too inward. The other designs out there have hood bolt holes that are far too big!
  16. Ex Ford Engineer Tears down Evs

    Doesn’t matter. They want the security and convenience of a quick full range fill up.
  17. Ditch light mounting bracket

    Garbage. The holes for the hood mount bolts are twice as wide as they should be. Makes it so the bolt just goes almost right through. Ridiculous.
  18. Multiple Fault Codes - 2019 FX4

    Eff that, I'd take a picture of the dash and drive it straight to the dealer when it happens and say here's the problem, I'll take a loaner car you can effing fix this right the eff now and stop playing. :)
  19. Ex Ford Engineer Tears down Evs

    I've had an electric car. Charging overnight was awesome! Buuuutttt... it cost me $2,000 to install the right kind of electricity from the box to my garage and buy the charging station. Where I live now, in a 110 year old building downtown, it'd cost me $8,000 to accomplish installing a...
  20. New ARB Skid Plate

    Considering you don't need to be under the truck to get the oil filter off... might as well use a pump on these trucks.