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  1. Had both a Gladiator Rubicon and now a Ranger Tremor. My impressions.

    @AzScorpion I have that kit installed raising the front of the seat 0.75". It kinda works but it also jacks up the angle of your legs, making the pedals harder to manipulate. I plan on uninstalling it or maybe putting it on the passenger seat.
  2. Had both a Gladiator Rubicon and now a Ranger Tremor. My impressions.

    I'm getting 21mpg avg in my Jeep (I averaged 22ish in my Ranger) but the seat is terrible. Like the criteria for the seat was "Can you sit on the seat?" "Yes" "Ok that's checked, let's move on to the pedals". I'm looking at aftermarket seats.
  3. Wrong door handle

    That's the first quality issue I've seen on these Rangers.
  4. Georgia FS: OBDLink EX Cable for Forscan

    I purchased this but it never left my shelf. $30 shipped CONUS.
  5. Jeep says its new electric Wrangler concept goes 0-60 mph in 2 seconds, matching Tesla's $136,000 car

    I'm all for anything that will make my 3.6 Pentastar jeep faster. It's slow as crap. If I keep my jeep long enough, I'll swap a V8 or maybe the i6 turbo in.
  6. Rear diff drain plug on 22??

    Same, it doesn't bother me there isn't one on the front. It's still an easy service item to DIY.
  7. Rear diff drain plug on 22??

    Dana is getting rid of some of the drain plugs. My jeep does not have a front drain plug. The cover gasket is a rubberized steel, reusable gasket. People who off-road were absolutely buggering the drain bolt threads on obstacles so maybe that's why they were eliminated.
  8. Cost of 93 octane in your area?

    Maybe we can try begging OPEC for more oil again? In GA, gas is 90 cents more per gallon today than it was a gear ago. It's a f*cking disgrace.
  9. Concerns with the alternator mounting location?

    I was under the impression that several people here have buggered their alternators on due to mud contamination/going through water crossings. There are some YouTube videos about it.
  10. Might be saying goodbye to my Ranger.

    Nice buy man! You'll be happy with the JLU. Love the Willy's trim.
  11. Might be saying goodbye to my Ranger.

    Don't let consumer reports scare you away ?
  12. Might be saying goodbye to my Ranger.

    Join the dark side ?
  13. Might be saying goodbye to my Ranger.

    The gladiator forum is a good group of dudes (and ladies) just like this forum. I missed having a 3rd pedal too much. I bought my ranger for 32.5, sold it for 34 and the dealership is asking over 40 for it.
  14. Ride in a Maverick

    I like them. With a tune and some hard parts, I bet they absolutely rip once you get past 300 wheel.
  15. Bump at stop and acceleration?

    This thread title should be prefaced by the word, SOLVED. If describing the issue accurately, this is the slip joint on the driveshaft lacking proper lubrication. You'll find many posts on the forums about lubing the splines. Try that since it's very easy to accomplish. I still have a new...
  16. What are some good auto websites these days?

    Jalopnik really went south. It used to be such a cool grassroots car guy blog. I follow speedhunters and several of the SH guys on Instagram and I think the Hoonigan guys put out a lot of good video content mostly geared toward motorsport in the US.
  17. got the dang virus

    I combined insufflation and what's called a parachute.. you first snort 3mg of the Vectin and then you crush 6mg into a crystalline powder, pour it into a ply of toilet paper, then swallow it. Do this once every 24 hours. Cured us of COVID after 48 hours. Free the Ivermectin! Ok, none of...
  18. got the dang virus

    My wife and I had it and my dad did too. We were double jabbed and contracted COVID 7 months afterward. The worst part for me, by a LONG shot, was the extreme rebound sinus congestion as a side effect of Afrin use. I'm talking EXTREME sinus pressure. We also had flu A at the same time. Honestly...