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  1. I need a Lariat tail light with the proximity sensor

    Geico paid 1,200 for mine.
  2. Ford performance tune, I surrender, need to go back to regular gas

    Just hit 4.99 a gallon where I'm at. Im literally on craigslist looking at 250cc bikes to get me to and from work hahahahahahaha
  3. We’re Off! Arizona - Colorado - South Dakota - Colorado - Utah and Back.

    We enjoy these spots in Flagstaff alot: Toasted owl for Breakfast Mama Burgers for Lunch Sosaba for Dinner
  4. hello all

    Searching for a topic on google is the best way to find info on here. For example, if I'm trying to find a tailgate damper I would search, "Best tailgate damper for ranger 2019 Ranger 5g" Always put the "ranger 5g" at the end it because will route you to google searches from this forum. This...
  5. Another Oil Change Thread !!!

    Change your oil every 100 miles just in case...
  6. Oh boy I'm having a fun morning

    Covid-19 gave corporations the excuse to have poor service. Now the corporations raised prices and won't do a damn thing to improve service to pre-covid times.
  7. 2022 Ford Ranger Black Widow

    That bumper is fugly.
  8. Difference between stock and leveled

    Mine is on the right with Fox 2.0 leveled suspension. It appeared he was stock with Bfg’s. Cool to see the difference, I still need get some bigger tires once these wear down some more…
  9. I drove the new Frontier yesterday.

  10. Richard Hammond's Dream Car

    As a huge fan of all the iterations of Top Gear, this was a delight to watch.
  11. Will upgrading my UCA's reduce the side to side twisting motion felt in my truck?

    I upgraded to Fox 2.0 yet there are times when there is still too much side-to-side rolling going on when hitting a bump wrong. Will upgrading UCA's reduce this motion or should I be looking into stiffer shocks?
  12. Livernois Tuner

    Just go with OZ tuning
  13. Jumpy gears while barely hitting gas

    It's the character of the truck. It has a beefy transmission with a small engine. A soft shift tune will improve this if you are really set on getting rid of the jerkyness.
  14. SSM 49264 - Climate Control Temperature Will Not Adjust With Clicking/Snapping Noise From The Dash

    This makes me want to buy some type of warranty lol. I have a feeling that eventually ALL Rangers built in 2019 will need this done. sigh
  15. Anyone want to throw an estimate at this damage ?

    I recently backed up into my girlfriends car in the driveway.... lol. Anyways, a new bumper and taillight costed 4,600$ when it was all said and done. I only paid the ded but that was the cost insurance paid out.
  16. Low speed hesitancy...

    Might be time for an upgrade..... ;) 2019 Ford Ranger 2.3L EcoBoost BBK 65mm Power-Plus Throttle Body 1894 ( Edit: Nevermind, the more I'm looking at this it won't work for our Rangers.
  17. 140 Cleveland

    2.3 Stroker
  18. Ford performance Grille

    I'm in the minority on this but the plastic fake raptor grill is hideous. To each their own...