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  1. Ride in a Maverick

    I got a courtesy ride from the dealer in a Maverick XL AWD. The ride was very comfortable and quiet (in a truck context) much more than I expected from a base-trim version. If they ever get the hybrid version into full-production, they could sell a gajillion of these things. There’s nothing...
  2. New Hampshire Freebies

    One 17” STX/XLT wheel with TPMS sensor. Not interested in shipping. Pickup/meetup within 25 miles of Alton, NH.
  3. Sold my Ranger today

    It's time to move on. No regrets, but I need to move in a different direction. If I buy another truck at all, it will need to have a snow plow. For the next 12 months, I'll be driving a 2010 Toyota Prius, which will then be handed-down to my daughter as her first car. I have some confidence...
  4. Don’t trust your car to just anybody

  5. Tesla quality lacking

    It’s difficult to find the facts through all of the hype and legions of rabid fans on social media. Hard data to support my long-suspected impression. The worst by far...
  6. Seen at a local Ford dealer yesterday

    I stopped at the dealer to buy an oil filter and saw this nicely-customized old pickup. BTW, the owner of this dealership has a beautiful red GT, which used to be parked in the dealership in an inflatable clear plastic enclosure.
  7. Expensive gas this spring
  8. Michelin X-ICE SNOW SUV, initial impression very positive

    I just installed a set of these new-design tires in 265/65R17. After about 200 miles of driving, my initial impression is that these are the quietest snow tires I have ever driven. We’ve been through several generations of the X-Ice, a half dozen or so sets of Blizzaks, three different models...
  9. 18,564.2 miles, and throwing-in the towel

    Last weekend, I decided to climb into the bed using my usual method of grasping the side rail and stepping up onto the rear tire. After shuffling some stuff around, I decided to exit the bed via the tailgate, which was in the fully-upright and latched position. I reached down and unlatched the...
  10. Questions about Ford Performance tune

    I’m approaching 18,000 miles on my 2020 Lariat 4x4. I really like the truck, but don’t appreciate the shift programming. The vibration at low RPM is annoying. I already run 93 octane all the time, and it is definitely a better drive than with 87. If I were to get the Ford Performance tune...
  11. Tired of wimpy truck names?

    It’s the King Kong Cannon, from China’s Great Wall Motors.
  12. Small Victories

    Third time in a row, I inserted the snap-together rod into the socket and lowered the spare without having to look through the hole or under the truck. Eyeballed the angle and stuck it in there on the first try. Learning has occurred:). Probably jinxed now, but you have to recognize the good...
  13. Cost of Regular vs. Premium Fuel

    Applying actual math to a frequent discussion/argument. These numbers are based only on the difference in cost between Regular and Premium fuel. This has nothing at all to do with the total cost. This is meant to answer the question, "how much more?" TL;DR - The endless argument, and volumes...
  14. I might resemble that

    Funny video in my YouTube feed today
  15. Before pickups became luxury vehicles

    We towed with the family car. This blast from the past is parked at my neighbor's shop this morning.
  16. 10,000 Miles

    So, the Ranger made it to 10K with no serious issues. I have an appointment at the Ford dealer tomorrow for an inspection, but have already changed the oil and rotated the tires here in my own garage. It's been a bit of a learning process, but I'm very satisfied with the purchase and...
  17. Magnetic 12V battery maintainer connection?

    Since my wife will likely never commute to work again, its easy for the battery In her BMW to discharge too far between drives. I want to add an on-board battery maintainer that will harmlessly disconnect if she fails to detach it before backing out of the garage. Something similar to the...
  18. Ford is switching to Android in 2023
  19. Spare tire lift chain binding

    Where I live, winter road treatment is salt and/or sand. When I lowered the spare for rotation (5 tires) it would go just to the garage floor before binding. Working the mechanism back and forth with the tire tools made no improvement. I had to lift the tire off the garage floor to remove the...
  20. New Em