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  1. Connecticut WTS - Bilstein 5100 rear shocks.

    WTS - Pair of Bilstein 5100 rear shocks. Less that 60 miles. Currently located in Western Connecticut for another month or so. Prefer local pick up. $150.00 Sold. Thanks Mike.
  2. Connecticut 17” Magnetic Sport Wheels w/DynaPro ATM tires

    WTS - Selling 4x 17” Magnetic Sport wheels w/DynaPro ATM tires size 265/65/17. 16k miles. Clean wheels. No scuffs, scars, or dents. TPMS included. I’m currently in Western Connecticut and will be here another month or so. Prefer local pick up. Located off the I-84 corridor. $700.00 for the set...
  3. Ford News EV Bronco and Ranger
  4. Help - Question about RC 2.5 inch level kit

    I just got my Rough Country 2.5 inch leveling kit but the leveling struts/collars only seem to measure 1.5 inches. Did they send me the wrong kit or is this the correct measurement? If so, will it truly be a 2.5 inch level and how do they achieve that? Appreciate any responses.
  5. Price check on aisle 3? (RC kit)

    So I was quoted a price for a RC 2.5” leveling kit today. $500. for the RC kit, installation, and front end wheel alignment. Is this about right?
  6. Help me understand Tires, LT vs P?

    So, can someone help me understand these tire ratings? I have, what appear to be, "P" tires on my FX4, that came from factory. I see that lots of people are trading up to an LT tire, which I guess is supposed to provide more plys which makes the tires sturdier and less prone to puncture or have...
  7. Cool Retro paint scheme

    Just love this retro pain scheme on the new Ranger.
  8. Bent Frames, Colorado and Gladiator ?

    I've been reading some stories about Chevy Colorado and Jeep Gladiator owners getting bent frames while off-roading and while towing camping trailers. I have not yet heard of any issues with frames bending on Ford Rangers but I'm curious if anyone knows of, or has heard of issues with the Ranger...
  9. New style side mirrors with blind spot view

    Wondering if anyone had seen these yet? I was at my local dealership today, and while waiting for service, I took a stroll through the lot to look at the new Rangers. I noticed a few of the 2020 models had these new side view mirrors with a convex blind spot mirror incorporated into them. Not...
  10. Stripe Location?

    Looking for some input on where to locate these side stripes I picked up. #1 (Original) #2 #3 #4
  11. Audible Back-Up Alarm

    Have any of you Ranger owners installed an audible back-up alarm on your trucks, and if so, where and how did you mount it? I would appreciate any pictures if they are available. As they say in Sweden, Gracias!