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  1. First major booboo

    Well I officially broke the truck (in) today. I backed into a dumpster and dented the tailgate and put a hole in it. The weird part is the backup alarm did not give me any warnings. :curse: Now to look at my options to fix it short of filing an insurance claim, since my insurance company is...
  2. New Ranger

    I went and traded in my 2020 2WD XL STX SCAB (and a Jeep Cherokee) for a brand new 4WD XLT FX4 Crew Cab. I couldn't see having two vehicles and having to pay for insurance, fuel and maintenance on both, especially when I can't drive both at the same time.
  3. Hello from Missouri

    I just bought a black 2020 Super-cab STX. This makes my third Ranger over the years. My First one was a 1983, second a 1996.