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  1. So Walmart has Halloween stuff out!

    And kids are running scared and puking all over the place in here!
  2. 140 Cleveland

    Lets start a verbal heritage with our trucks and start calling our engines the "140 Cleveland." It will sound better once we say it a bunch over and
  3. My Ranger’s Frontal Offset Collision

    Ford Taurus turned left in front of my wife at a red light and the Ranger struck the quarter panel and spun the Taurus around 1.5 times and it ended up over 50 feet away from initial impact. Taurus airbags blew. It was totaled. Yes the front frame rails are turned toward the right side but...
  4. Ranger vs. Taco Fun

    No "winner" or anything like that to see here just a bunch of folks out learning how to enjoy there trucks off-road. Enjoy.
  5. Why Does It Seem Like Alot of Ram Owners Trade For Rangers?

    I "feel" like I hear this alot, "I came from a Ram and I love my Ranger" or to a lesser degree "I don't like this Ranger and I'm trading it for a Ram." Why would these two even be cross shopped at all? Maybe I'm imagining things.
  6. Maybe not all bad Dave..

    Hey Moderator Dave here is a great thing that happened in your back yard lol. Sarah is great to watch as well.
  7. Bronco DR to unleash

  8. Use Flood Mode when changing oil.

    Could be a good thing to do if you’re like me and you don’t like seeing that oil light be on for a few seconds when you start your truck for the first time after you change the oil.
  9. Anybody else into 1/10 Scale Crawlers?

    I’m just getting back into it after a many years absence. Red one is a Traxxas TRX 4 2021 bronco. The area 51 colored one is actually at Walmart New Bright toy body on a Traxxas TRX 4 chassis with ole Loki at the wheel lol. Too much fun.
  10. 285 70 17 Wildpeaks are on!!!

    Was going to go with a smaller size but I thought go big or go home. These look absolutely amazing. My tire Boner will not go down. Yes I completely removed the front crash bars and heavily modified the rear crash bars; so what, my other vehicle is an 87 GMC truck with no airbags and only one...
  11. Ford Battery Megafactory in TN Geographically unimportant to most of ya’ll but pretty exciting for us TN folks. Especially the redheaded stepchild known as West TN...
  12. Tale of two trucks..

    Saw this sweet 21 Silver Tremor in Kroger parking lot today. First ranger I’ve seen in person that has 265 7017 tires added to it, General grabber ATs to be exact. I can’t remember maybe Tremors come with these. Don’t think it shows up to well in photos but is noticeably better looking than my...
  13. Good Read for the endless Motor-oil Debate

    It’s a company website selling motor oil but has some interesting info. Might cause one to tone down those fierce loyalties to a particular brand (mobile 1 for me).
  14. R5GSSWC hereby created. Seeking Officer nominations.

    You’ve been waiting for it and it’s finally unofficially here! Ranger 5G Safety & Social Wokeness Committee. Wanting to tow more than a lawnmower trailer? Better get approval from the committee (signed affidavit, complete with real reproducible scientific measurements, from at least one...
  15. Fun little Friday Video

  16. 10R80 Trans Adaptive Learning Truth

    This actual Ford tech contradicts many of the “experts” on this forum in regard to our transmissions adaptive learning capabilities.
  17. Do ya’ll turn your AC off before turning truck off?

    So I’ve always been told (not lately though) to Always turn off the AC before turning off the vehicle. Is this another of my personal outdated “car-isms” or could it actually be Beneficial to the AC compressor and clutch? My trucks ASS still activates even w the AC on, once it cools the cabin...
  18. Ford Pass Oil Life

    So does the 5800 miles here mean the system wants me to change my oil at 5800 miles? Admittedly I do several little short few mile long trips pretty regularly and it does not get to stretch his legs very much. I have no oil dilution or fuel smell in my oil whatsoever.
  19. Amazon ROW Ranger LED headlights for US use.

    I know there’s other threads about the mustang style ROW headlights fitted to US Rangers, but I’m not personally the biggest fan of those to be honest. This style looks a little better to me. Who has fitted/wired these up or something similar? And just save your “those won’t fit “comments...
  20. Attention All Softroaders!

    Ha!! title for attention but look at how these moms in jean shorts tackled the Rubicon in stock, street tired pos jeeps back in the day. Goes to show we all stress about a bunch of unnecessary s$%t when it comes to off-roading (tire tread, tire size, UCAs, long arms, lockers, etc, etc).