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  1. Washington 18” black appearance wheels

    Redoing post since i removed the tires and are now selling just the wheels. Im selling them for $350 as a set, and will be willing to ship if buyer is willing to pay for it. These were removed off my truck at around 5500 miles so they’re in great shape.
  2. Painting fender flares

    Im planning on purchasing the tremor fender flares, but im wondering how likely it will be to paint match the black paint on the ranger. Anyone have experienced with boy work? How hard is it to do yourself and will the cost just be tok high? Or would i be better off plasti dipping it? I just...
  3. Washington WTS - 18” black appearance pkg wheels

    Selling my 18” black appearance wheels, only 5580k miles on them. Hoping to sell them to someone local in western Washington for about $500. Currently have the stock dynapro at-m tires 265/60r18, but they do not have the tpms. Its been raining so i havent been able to pressure wash and fully...
  4. Bds crash bar removal

    Getting ready to install these bds intrusion bars. I read the directions and it says to remove the front bumper…. Im curious if anyone was able to to just cut the old front bars and was able to just slide the bds front bars into place and torque down? Because thats a lot of stuff to remove on...
  5. Tire recommendations 275/70r17

    Hey yall, i just finally got my wheels ordered 17x9 +20mm offset and was planning on putting destination x/t’s on for rubber but they dont carry the size i want. So trying to do more research on which tires are great offroad and still have good handling in the rain since this is still my daily...
  6. Fitment questions for two wheels kmc and black rhino

    Anyone have pics of the following dimensions listed? Having trouble finding wheels i like with the offsets i was hoping for (+20 to +30) but i like these two but just dont know how much clearance and poke it will have. I tried searching but cant find much on here, so any help would be...
  7. Factory installed PPF

    Hey yall, the factory installed ppf is beginning to peel on one of the panels on the truck. Should i just remove it (not sure if even applicable) or should dealer be dealing with this under warranty? Havent yet taken it in, and so hard to get ahold of them over phone. They’re also 40min away so...
  8. Removing a pillar trim

    Hey yall, getting ready to install my dashcam this week. But i cant seem to find any info online on how to remove the a pillar trim. Before i just explore it on my own and risking dmg, figured id ask first. Whats the safest way to remove it?
  9. fox 2.0 vs icon stage 1 kit

    Hey Yall, I'm out in WA state and I plan on doing weekender trips/offroading, nothing too crazy, but I would like to get to some good camping spots that don't require 35" tires etc. I'll be driving on pavement 85% of the time and so I decided on BFG ko2's. But now I need to pick out a leveling...
  10. Washington WTS - stock black appearance XLT grill

    Had the truck for about a week before changing out the front grill, in great condition. WTS for $150 local, $200 shipped lower 48.
  11. Rear Cam and weather

    Hello Yall, To start this is my first time owning a new vehicle in over 12 years, and i've never had a car w/ a rear cam until now. But something I noticed is the rear cam being effected by rain, and for someone who lives in WA state, this can be kind of irritating. Is there a popular/safe way...
  12. Is this a good price 2020 ranger xlt

    Hello yall, just wanna get some opinions im in WA state. 2020 ranger crew cab -black -301mid -fx4 -tow pkg -bedline spray -black appearance package msrp $40,380 otd $38,111
  13. Help me negotiate

    Hey yall, what do you think would be best starting negotiating offer?