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  1. Any Tremor owners with Ford Performance tune?

    Perfect and you might need to add or subtract revs per mile based on your road test. Because of wheel width, pressure and vehicle weight.
  2. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    After going with 33s and beadlocks my brakes weren't to my liking. I've had good luck with Powerstop in the past so I went with their Z36 pads. I got stuck on the rears, because I thought the pistons went in clockwise. Incorrect, counter clockwise. So I had to buy a new left hand threaded...
  3. Any Tremor owners with Ford Performance tune?

    Tremor comes with Grabber ATX tires fyi. Check your tire manufacturers website for the revs per mile and enter it in. Then go on a drive and use a GPS speedometer app to see your MPH different with the speedo. The correct way is to reset the trip count and use GPS for distance, then tweak...
  4. Ford wants to borrow my Ranger for emissions testing

    3 weeks for $200? Fuck that. Try $2000
  5. Rock Chuckers

    Rokblockz mud flaps work for me!
  6. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    This is the problem with modifying vehicles, it is always a slippery slope and creates further needs. With the Livernois Tune and taller, heavier wheels and tires, I am not happy with the stock brakes. I'd love the Alcons, but they are very expensive for what they are.
  7. I Never Thought I'd Do It, But I Did It. Tacoma

    I was about to report this thread and request you be banned...
  8. First Forest Edition I’ve got my eyes on!

    I didn't know that this color was available. Interesting looking into the B&P tool it is one of the Splash packages on the XLT.
  9. Tremor tire pressure

    I have different wheels and tires now, but I ran 34 psi cold.
  10. Hot Weather Performance

    Yeah that will be a change! It's hot here!
  11. New Wheels on Tremor Size suggestions

    Search! Hundreds of pages in the wheels, tires and brakes section.
  12. I'm running an experiment.

    A lot of Toyos, especially the truck tires are made in Georgia. Michelin has a huge plant in South Carolina.
  13. 275/70R17

    Search the forum. I just did and found several examples of 275/17/70s.
  14. First time buying a truck - please help!

    Zombie thread
  15. 265/70R17 Potential Problem?

    Turn the steering wheel then take more photos.
  16. Poll - Test Results for Fuel in Oil

    For those thinking that this is a Ranger issue, it isn't. Gasoline direct injection plus a turbo charger greatly increases the chance for fuel in the oil (Oil dilution). Run a high quality synthetic oil and change your oil at 5k. Check your oil dipstick every so often like you should for...
  17. taco time?

    The change to 3.5 was for emissions. It's still the same architecture. It isn't a strong powerplant. The new Frontier engine is pretty strong.
  18. M220 or M210

    Yup M190 front and M220 rear. The upper trim level Broncos have a M210 locking front, base Broncos have M190.
  19. MPG During Our Road Trip

    If its above say 72F, I will let the truck warmup for just about 10 seconds, enough time to fasten my seat belt, get the radio set. Oil at room temperature flows well, and it is 0 weight anyways. A lot of the warmup process today is for emissions, not oil and oil pressure. During the winter I...