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  1. Driveshaft Phasing

    Money better spent just going with a one piece replacement. IMHO
  2. 5100 Bilstein Regrets?

    Only regret I have is not installing them sooner
  3. Bilstein rear shock install question

    Enjoy the improvement
  4. Useful 3D printed items.. Cool phone holder
  5. Friday night drunk posting thread

    This is why I drink bourbon neat less in less out ?
  6. Bilstein vs Eibach vs FOX 2.0 Rear Shocks

    I am in the Bilstein camp love em..
  7. Fuel in oil

    Interesting this also sounds like a leaking HPFP as my truck was doing..
  8. Fuel in oil

    How high is your oil level?
  9. Fumoto Issues

    I installed one of these last oil change
  10. Fuel in oil

    Update after my 8k oil change my oil level has been steady 3k in on this OCI.. I have a Blackstone kit ready when I change just to check..
  11. Thin Sound When Shutting Front Doors

    Well crap I broke mine lol..
  12. Useful 3D printed items..

    Anyone in the Springfield/Branson MO area need anything printed PM me..
  13. Useful 3D printed items..

    Here is another.. 4H/2H rotary selector guard for 2019-2021 Ford Ranger
  14. Useful 3D printed items..

    Ya seen people selling these on Esty for around 8 Well TBH that's where I started looking was the 250-300ish range and like everything else I ended up spending more LOL... Some of the Monoprice and Enders in that price range were not bad..
  15. Useful 3D printed items..

    I bought a Prusa clone off alliexpress around 6 months ago it was 400ish.. I have over 15 spools through it with no issues.. We use it way more then I thought we would..
  16. Useful 3D printed items..

    For those with access to 3D printers thought I would start a thread to share some prints for our Rangers.. One I found helpful is a funnel that connects the factory cap fitting
  17. TSB 20-2277 2019-2020 Ranger - Shudder/Vibration When Accelerating From A Stop

    Tom woods.. they are still testing but the price is up..
  18. Anyone else getting a lot of paint chips on their ranger?

    Glad I had xpel installed almost 8k and still chip free
  19. Sound Deadening

    Did our SuperCrew today very solid door closure.. Anyone remove the back seat to do the back of the cab? Just curious how big a job that was..
  20. Soft/Mushy/Inconsistent Brake Fix?

    Wow this works great.. Hope it lasts over the long haul.. But if I have to do it a couple times a year no big deal.