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  1. Back Story On the FX4 Brand

    FX4=Ford Xperimental 4x4 :like:
  2. Hood Graphics Idea

    or this
  3. How much is it to fix a tire in your Area!

    We charge $35 plus tax for a basic flat, this entails removing the tire from the rim and fixing it properly. If you bought the tire from us it is free.
  4. Your Age-Your First Ford-What You Learned To Drive On-Your Rangers Year!

    I am 53, my first Ford was not really a Ford but a mercury, it was a '63 comet convertible, I also learned to drive with it, no P/S or Power brakes, it did have a power top though!! It is still in the same city as me and I do see it from time to time. My rangers year is 2020
  5. Ford Ranger pop tune

    crackle tunes are annoying A/F to 99% of the population
  6. Shes

    Beautiful truck fellow
  7. P.A. Schilke back stories

    This thread should be stickied
  8. PSA For you folks that are removing / modifying the crash bars to install bigger tires.....

    Different truck obviously but I think this speaks volumes

    Side note I online race on iRacing a few times a year with Jr and he is a super nice down to earth guy.
  10. NASCAR

    Earnhardt Fan here, but who wasn't a fan of Mark Martin as well
  11. North Carolina FS: BFG K02 All Terrain, set of 4

    Absolute steal for these tires
  12. PSA For you folks that are removing / modifying the crash bars to install bigger tires.....

    Stupid Ford wasting money on these crash bars for no reason, should have deleted them and installed a tailgate damper and not deleted the extra bed tie down, damn engineers not knowing anything:crazy:
  13. California WTB: Air dam for XLT

    Damn, mines just sitting at my shop off to the side collecting dust, too bad shipping from Canada would be an arm and a leg
  14. Stuck Steering Wheel

    I was wondering about a cracked rack as well
  15. Canada WTS - Morimoto XB LED Headlights

    yes price please
  16. What accessories do the various holes in the bed go to?

    The 3 by the tailgate are for the bed extender I believe
  17. Stage 3 is hiring

    Just FYI, Phoenix is spelt wrong in that picture
  18. KNOCKOFF RTR Grille

  19. Rivian or Ranger dilemma

    did you order it with the kitchen?
  20. Anybody else into 1/10 Scale Crawlers?

    Speaking of Broncos, I have wanted this for awhile