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  1. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Sid, if your going that far, ya might as well pressure wash the interior...gets rid of that deep, down dirt that a blower just can't get rid of !!!:crackup:
  2. What are you guys towing?

    When towing our trailer, I just don't worry about fuel or it's don't haul a 6000 lb trailer around with a truck without using gas, and you didn't buy a truck and trailer for it's fuel is what it is. Our trips run 200-400 miles one way, and gas is just one of those...
  3. What's this nut from?

    You obviously have one of these guys living in your Ranger, storing away for next winter...
  4. OffRoad jack option

    Yeah, but if your going off road you will almost certainly have a tire patch kit and a compressor, right ?
  5. OffRoad jack option

    Why not an inflatable air bag jack ? 4 ton rating. Works either off exhaust or an air compressor.
  6. Truck Market Has Gone Crazy!

    You want crazy...absurd crazy... Local Ford dealer took a 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz in on trade...2980 miles...asking price is $44,980.00. NUTS!!!
  7. Pizza Cutters

    Ya want pizza up 16 inch tractor tires....
  8. Tow mode MPG

    You can do even better.... Only drive going downhill....even better, only drive downhill with the wind pushing you. If you have to drive uphill to get to the downhill side, all bets are off, mileage degrades sharply. You can also add some wind cutting/reducing accessories to your truck...
  9. Clearview Towing Mirrors

    I just checked the part # for the mirrors, for a Lariat with all options, the $1000,.00 set on my order form and receipt, and # is different from yours... Mine LHD-CVNG-FD-EV-HSFIEB Yours LHD-CVC-FD-EV-HSFIEB
  10. Clearview Towing Mirrors

    Try contacting Clearview in Clifton Park, NY. 800-533-2210, contact David Newey...he's the one that I delt with when I had my problems.
  11. What is this on back seat on the 22’s?

    Grab handle for the rear seat ejection system.
  12. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Did she give Tito a shell buff and polish ???
  13. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Installed the rear Eibach shocks I got from a member here on the forum. Gotta go for a ride to see how much HP I gained in addition to the ride quality. :like:
  14. Tow mode MPG

    Actually less...much less...about 11-12 mpg....
  15. Another electric Ford pickup truck is coming, Farley says

    Dave posted that there are almost 54,000 Fords in storage, with IC engines, waiting on chips, 2022 models, and apparently there not making any more 2022, switching to 2023, which, of course, they don't have chips for. So, how many here believe that the new Lightning will be hot on dealers...
  16. Annoying Center Console Lid

    Time for a Console Lid Cover DAMPER !!! Your up Dave !!!
  17. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Had to run the travel trailer up to the dealer for some warranty work...
  18. Clearview Towing Mirrors

    Had to run the trailer up to dealer for some warranty work...had the first chance to use the Clearview's... They are absolutely great !!! If you haven't had a chance to use them yet...your gonna love em.
  19. Here’s How Many Ford Vehicles Are Currently Parked and Waiting for Chips

    The 3 Ford dealers in two adjacent counties here have almost no new vehicles...just 2 or so Broncos that they use as floor candy. Same for the Toyo, Nissan, Subi, Honda. Only one that has anything new is the local Ram/Jeep, and thats just a handful....guess not a lot of buyers for Fiats. Buyers...
  20. Here’s How Many Ford Vehicles Are Currently Parked and Waiting for Chips

    :facepalm: Wow...thats like 4 Fords for every one of the over 13,000 members on the forum. Wonder if any are last years 2021 models still waiting ? Lets all give China 3 big 💩💩💩