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  1. How many of you already have dings?

    No dings, the doors are fairly solid on mine, but the paint chips like hell, luckily they are not that noticeable with the ingot silver.
  2. 2021 Ranger Ordering Begins 9/14 and Production Starts 12/7

    I'm mostly deaf so i cant hear most of the annoying sounds that people claim these trucks make. Hearing aids are a wonderful thing. 😆
  3. 2021 Ranger Ordering Begins 9/14 and Production Starts 12/7

    They would eliminate something like the under hood insulation.
  4. Dome, visor, garage door opener not working

    Here is the service manual thread might have something in there you can use
  5. Dome, visor, garage door opener not working

    its possible a wiring harness connector wasn't snapped in all the way from the factory and now has worked itself loose.
  6. 22 days and counting

    Let me guess Brandon Ford?
  7. Wash n’ wax

    I've only hose and bucket washed it once , i mainly use waterless wash . I was doing it about twice a month until rainy season hit, now it rains everyday and its really hot. sometimes i'll go out with bucket or soapy water and give it a sponge over while its raining and let the rain rinse it...
  8. What's the highest lift kit

    Go big or go home the BDS 6" kit looks the best

    ChiefQM what dealer did you try? I've had good luck with Walker Ford
  10. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    Can you say " Hey Siri, start my shitbox"
  11. Found my ScanGauge II

    Figured it out you've got to change from MAP to Boost in the preferences, now to figure out the fuel logging features, haven't used one of these in many years.
  12. Found my ScanGauge II

    i just installed one , will it show boost out of the box or does the x-gauge need to be configured for it.? Also what size fuel tank did everyone configure in the settings i choose 19 gal as that was the closest to the rangers 18.8 size tank.
  13. Found my ScanGauge II

    $25 for the upgrade includes the shipping back to you
  14. Terrain management upgrade?

    We must have cleaned the stock out
  15. Ranger Q2 2020 Sales Grabs Firm Hold of 2nd Place in Midsize Segment

    I've seen more Gladiators than Rangers around Central FL. I bet most of the Gladiators are pavement princesses as well.
  16. Would I be okay towing this RV?

    Nice Camper, looks to be the perfect size
  17. Ford Ranger Gets 3 New Ford Performance Accessory Packages For Off-Roading and Customization

    now they just need to offer a 2WD street version that is lowered a bit
  18. Let The Nightmare Begin

    FYI if you master reset sync you'll have to re-associate your ford pass account to the truck.
  19. Past Rangers Owned Thread

    had a 2002 2WD Edge 3.0 5 speed ex cab in blue. was a fun little truck. the jump seats were ridiculous to get into though with only 2 doors. I miss the 5 speed.