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  1. Long range fuel tank

    I am interested in this, pending price information.
  2. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    Parked next to some ponderosa pines.
  3. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    This particular Norton is an 850, my '67 P11, elsewhere here, is a 750. All Nortons are Snortons.
  4. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    That is my '74 850 Commando. If you like that one, you might appreciate my '67 Norton P11. I hope to have it on the road this summer,
  5. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    Here is my belly-boat, WITH OARS :), in the top-right of this photo. It also has pack-straps, so I can drive as far as I can and pack it in to places where the BIG trout live!
  6. How long for the Ranger smile to fade?

    Had mine for 14 months, now, still smiling a little tight-lipped smile. This is a perfectly acceptable fishing truck but it is not the truck's fault when I get skunked.
  7. My new ARE topper installed today.. is this right?

    The front to back issue is minor, you just loosen the fasteners and slide it back. But those other flaws are fatal and I would just take it back and tell them to keep it. I shopped a bit and decided against ARE because of their poor quality reputation.
  8. CarID Bait-N-Switch Scam

    Seems these would be easy to make with either some 3/8" or 5/16" bar stock, right? You would probably rip out the side of the bed before you broke your new brackets.
  9. 4x4 or FX4

    I like saltwater, I occasionally hit the "bones" with my 8-weight fly rod whenever I find myself in the Caribbean. I like any kind of fishing but love that I live in mountain trout stream/fly rod heaven.
  10. 4x4 or FX4

    My son has the FX4 package in his Explorer, with that screen, bash plates, and other gizmos, but he says that he never uses it. I looked at it when I got my Ranger and knew I would never need that stuff either. I just have 4x4 with "posi", and I when I put the winter tires/wheels on it, I am...
  11. Rats in the engine bay

    I suspect you are going to need a new wire loom, hope your insurance covers it.
  12. Pivot Storage Box - Ford Accessories??

    Not a knockoff, but "SwingCase", the original manufacturer of these cases. I got mine a couple weeks ago on sale for $350 the pair. They do not use the space very well, but really, the only game in town unless you want to buy Chinese.
  13. 4x4 or FX4

    R Rocky Mountain small-stream trout, my favorite quarry, are not often over a foot long. So the pictures are not very impressive. But come along and see if you can catch as many of these beautiful little naturally-reproducing brown trout as I, or if you have ever been in places as beautiful...
  14. 4x4 or FX4

    My last truck was an '05 F150 equipped similarly to my new Ranger, no FX4 - just 4x4 with the rear "positraction". For my needs, the stock shocks are fine and I have never bashed where a bash-plate would have helped, alas. I live on a mountain dirt road with a 1,000' elevation gain in 1.5...
  15. 4x4 or FX4

    Hilarious, Doc. You are a genius. But, not worrying about impressing women is another reason that it is good to be married to my lovely wife!
  16. Pivot Storage Box - Ford Accessories??

    I hate having to empty out a toolbox to get to the item I need at the bottom, so I could see that these cases needed some dividers. First, I used some gallon-size plastic boxes as containers. Three of these nicely filled the main compartment. That helped organize smaller items in the main...
  17. 4x4 or FX4

    Most guys get the FX4 package for the sticker on the back fender. I don't care about such things. The only thing I wanted out of the FX4 package was the rear locker and, fortunately for me, you can get this as a stand-alone option, so that is what I did and that is what I recommend.
  18. Are Tailgate Dampeners Frowned On Around Here?

    I mounted this device at the same time I was mounting the little step-ladder. If I just offended anyone, , , so what?
  19. F-150 converts

    When I bought my '05 F150, it was really too big, but the available Ranger was too small for needs. Small would not work so I was obliged to go big with the F150. I liked it, especially the commodious cab, but hated that 15 mpg (10 when towing). consequently, when we went to town we used my...