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  1. Pistol holster mount

    A pistol fits nicely, but I've not found a good mount yet. I keep a moving blanket behind the seat for the dog, and if I just set it on the blanket and put the seat back it won't go anywhere. I'd certainly like to find a secure mount though.
  2. Pistol holster mount

    1) entirely practical and i'm sure a lot of people do. for some it's super uncomfortable and options exist. keeping it on you does ensure it's always in your control .. lots of religion on what is best or not :-) 2) don't disagree; sometimes life presents moments where you may have to go where...
  3. Pistol holster mount

    Looks pretty slick.. would be a great place to store your gun if you can't take it in (whatever place you can't). I think you would still want something easier for EDC like a magnet etc
  4. Nice Ranger production factory video

    Nice video thanks for sharing :thumbsup:
  5. Texas (WTS) 2019 XLT 17" Silver Wheels w/ Bridgestone Dueler H/T $200 set, $50 ea

    -- SOLD -- Selling 4 silver 17" XLT wheels with Dueler HT tires with 5100 miles on them. No TPMS, no scratches, no issues with tires. Happy to sell singles if you want a matching spare. Local pickup preferred but will ship at your expense.
  6. Fender Vents ! We got them ! FORD ACCESSORIES *Licensed*

    Those would be really cool if they had a turn indicator built in
  7. Texas WTS/WTT Yakima Outpost HD (no cross bars) 400.00

    Selling my Yakima Outpost HD towers (no crossbars). After using them a few times, I've decided to move to the BedRock HD’s as I don't need the extra height these provide. I'm open to trades for BedRocks if you want to go up. I have all the parts/locks/keys and the towers are in excellent...
  8. No, Not Again!

    I can appreciate a clean vehicle, but mine seldom are. I have washed my Ranger 3 times since I got it in December. I washed it last week, then went straight to the beach.. it's sorta clean, but will be a while before I get all the sand out of the bed, figure this weeks rain will take care of...
  9. SE Texas

    They take all the money I'd rather spend on Ranger stuff :-)
  10. SE Texas

    Like minds.. starting to see Rangers everywhere.
  11. Another rear underseat locking storage option

    I'm on fence.. I think they are a decent idea to protect from smash & grab which is really all I'm looking for.
  12. Job, what do you do

    Wow, a lot of you have or have had amazing careers. Respect to all the military and first responders out there, I really appreciate your willingness to serve. I also love to see the work of all the builder/creative folks. In a nutshell, I run global infrastructure/security operations teams in...
  13. Another rear underseat locking storage option

    I've been considering the console vault for under the rear seat and came across this today from Front Runner. Curious if any one has tried it?
  14. SE Texas

    Starting to see more Rangers. White FX4 in Montrose, Blue with red tailgate lettering on 45 South this morning, and a Red Lariat parked in the Heights.. all today!
  15. Report your MPG

    At 3k with a mix of city/hwy in flat Houston I'm pretty much at 22.4 consistently (2WD, Supercrew) I finally had a decent highway drive up to Dallas and averaged 24.1 over 505 miles. That was regular gas and with the racks on the back. Not so bad.
  16. Texas FS: 17" Sport XLT Wheels/BFG Tires

    Are those magnetic gray or a lighter shade of gray?
  17. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    I totally agree. I didnt consider that at all, black looks like it belongs there. Ordered black for the back now too.
  18. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Finally got Ranger lettering for the grill. Picked these up on Amazon and they look better than I expected. I had been looking for dark grey, but the black lettering works well.