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  1. Ford Second Quarter Sales Results

    Wow, look at our little trucks go!
  2. Who’s running a tuner?

    These engines are overbuilt and detuned for truck duty. Bigger turbo, intercooler, oil coolers than the Focus RS engine it's based on and a 10 speed that'll hold way more torque than we'll ever put through it. Ford is going to push these into fleet service with discounts etc. A bad tune or not...
  3. Another Muffler Delete

    There's guys on here that have bought the Ford performance, Magnaflow, and Borla exhausts and I guarantee they spent over $800. There's at least a half dozen premium exhaust systems for our trucks that are $800 or more. But keep calling me a liar because you can't admit you're wrong. I gave you...
  4. Another Muffler Delete

    You didn't look very hard. Don't appreciate being a called a liar "bud".
  5. Beating other trucks from the line

    I have a muffler delete and tune and it's loud enough that people (especially Tacomas) pick on me at stop lights. I leave for work early and there's no cops and very little traffic so I humor them. Usually I don't even know it's happening till they leave the light hard. I'm not undefeated but...
  6. Tacoma recall for rust prevention.

    I don't know but this has been happening on and off for decades. They've had leaf springs break too on thousands of trucks. I was horrified by all the stuff that was wrong with people's trucks on the Tacoma World forums.
  7. Tacoma recall for rust prevention.

    It's unbelievable they haven't solved this yet. My old boss had an 07 they bought back from him.
  8. Tacoma recall for rust prevention.

    Just got this in the mail for a truck I traded a few years ago. I read awhile back that 2017 Tacoma owners in areas that use salt on the roads were getting notices saying they had to get an inspection done by the dealer or Toyota wouldn't cover frame rot. Still not regretting my Ranger purchase.
  9. Ranger BOV Adapter! - Boomba Racing

    I ran it on the stock tune with the spacer without issues for months but as soon as I put a tune in it'd go into limp mode. I'm so happy I can tune my truck again and don't have a $400 paperweight anymore.
  10. Ranger BOV Adapter! - Boomba Racing

    According to subaru, Mitsubishi, and Focus ST owners the valve needs to recirculate air back into the engine because the computer has already accounted for the return air. The lack of returning air results in a rich condition that can't be fixed with a tune. I have no idea how much air is...
  11. Ranger BOV Adapter! - Boomba Racing

    Word to the wise, you can't tune with a blow off valve that vents to atmosphere AFAIK. It took me months to figure out why my truck would go into limp mode when I tuned it.
  12. AWE 0FG Exhaust Review and Experience

    It sounds similar to my muffler delete, but it damn sure looks better than the stock pipe sticking out.
  13. Life After Covid-19

    My work truck kept shutting off for water in the fuel, I drained the filter and kept resetting it. Roadside repair changed all the filters and put 4 times the amount of additive needed to treat the fuel for water and it still wouldn't run. I ended up in a hotel till another driver picked me up...
  14. Life After Covid-19

    So this is thing now. Happened to me last week. I wonder if this type of thing will become more normal? Tow trucks are making people stay in the towed vehicles even though it's illegal.
  15. What Features SHOULD your Ranger Have but Ford Missed?

    Heated freaking mirrors on the XLTs.
  16. How much have you driven your Ranger the past few weeks?

    Only worked 2 days this week but they paid me to stay home the other days. My company has "bullpen" pay, it's not much but at least it's something. I drive for a living so I pretty much hate driving anyways.
  17. So I went to our Honda Dealer today.......

    If they looked more like the old Ridgeline but had all the modern comforts and conveniences we would've considered one. She loves Honda, she cried when we traded her old Civic lol. That car was amazing, 13 years old and completely rock solid the whole time since new.
  18. You know you spend to much time on Ranger5g when you get this.

    My brother's wife made him get 2 labradoodles. They've been fantastic dogs and they have no regrets. Some issues with skin conditions but medication clears it up.
  19. Dumbest 5G Ranger question... ever! Read on...

    I had a Ram salesman tell me that his manager told them to say that ALL Ram 1500 trucks could tow 11,000lbs...none of them could back then and some V6 Rams towed less than our Ranger does.