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  1. This is the last time I take my truck to the dealer for service

    Dealerships must be the same the world around. A few years ago I bought an ex lease Kia Sorento. Really nice example and in beautiful unmarked condition inside and out. However, power train was a little rattly and rear slippery diff a bit chattery but the price was good. Full log books and...
  2. New Ranger is turning heads - literally

    The "new" Ranger filled a real gap in 1 ton pickup sales here, before the Ranger you could only get smaller utes, like the previous Mazda based diesel Ford ranger, and its Mazda BT50 twin, (which I think you never saw in the US) or the Hilux or Isuzu based utes. The other extreme was to lash...
  3. I think I bought the wrong truck

    Ha Ha, I live in a semi rural area too, and really hate getting stuck behind some farmer in his asthmatic 2H diesel Toyota 40 series pickup, doing 70 ( probably close to its top speed) down the 100 Km /Hr strip of 2 lane highway I have to traverse each day to get to the train station. I usually...
  4. I think I bought the wrong truck

    Yep 100% agree, much better to learn about road rash on a tricycle on the driveway, (and remember) than when doing stupid shit on a a motorcycle on the highway, cause you never learned. Like you somehow I managed to survive my childhood and teenage years more or less intact. I do remember...
  5. New Ranger is turning heads - literally

    They no longer turn heads here, the problem was they were sooo damm good looking, and nice to drive, that they sold in droves from day one, even toppling the mighty Toyota Hilux (Which has some sort of mythical status here) from the country's best selling vehicle some months, despite Ford...
  6. I think I bought the wrong truck

    Yeah, and the tailgate on the Aussie model is made of steel, not aluminum, and weighs a ton too. Would have bloody hurt! Of course the upside is, it's also immensely strong and can support the weight of approximately 6 Indian or 4 African elephants.
  7. I think I bought the wrong truck

    This is a list of complaints about his new ranger from a thread on the Australian Newranger forum. :LOL: ALL THE THINGS WRONG WITH MY WILDTRAK AFTER THREE YEARS by BLACKCRUSADER » Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:31 pm...
  8. Battery Management System - Has it been a success?

    Most people here either use Forscan to turn it off or get a dealer to turn off smart charge. It doesn't seem to play nicely with dual battery setups, or charging trailer batteries. The almost identical Mazda BT 50 model sold here doesn't use it.
  9. Factory Oil Drain Plug

    The drain plug on the Aussie diesel is exactly the same. However since Rangers are really popular here some of our local Auto parts stores sell replacement O rings in a bag for a couple of dollars for 3 or 4. I've changed my oil once so far since buying my truck (secondhand) and the O ring...
  10. Are Tailgate Dampeners Frowned On Around Here?

    I want to get one, the Aussie model has a steel tailgate, it weighs a TON and comes down fast. One handed opening must be done with extreme care. On the other hand it's very strong.
  11. Beautiful Pictures

    Thats the Kuranda rail, with Cairns in the distance, I have almost exactly the same shots. Were you lucky enough to get the steam engine or just the old cane train diesel. It's a great day trip.
  12. Anyone else get laid off in this pandemic?

    Ironic isn't it, I work for public heath so for us that's a saving. Which will go some way towards paying for all the extra money spent on Covid-19 related expenses.
  13. POST COVID-19 Trip to Arctic Circle

    I mean so far away just to get there from here before I even start! The road trip I would look forward to once there.
  14. Engine number location Ford Ranger 3.2 five cylinder diesel

    I must admit I'm really surprised that Ford still have a 10 year old crate engine sitting out the back. As far as I know nothing itself has changed in the basic 3.2 short or long engine since release in 2010. Some of the ancillaries have changed of course, but that won't be an issue for you...
  15. Engine number location Ford Ranger 3.2 five cylinder diesel

    Hi Gephro, Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you but I work in health and the last few days have been - well let's say busy. I would definitely, push to get a new turbo or at least have your concerns noted on the file, in case it craps itself down the road. It doesn't take much...
  16. Strangest or funnest oil change story

    The 3.2 diesel in Australian Rangers holds 9.5 litres of oil. Don't ask me how I found out that the volume markings on my bigger oil drain tray I bought are wrong. Used diesel oil is such a bitch to clean off concrete.
  17. POST COVID-19 Trip to Arctic Circle

    I would be in, if it wasn't so far away!
  18. Bump at stop and acceleration?

    This. Was a common issue in Australian rangers also.
  19. Engine number location Ford Ranger 3.2 five cylinder diesel

    New crate diesels come without an engine number, the replacing dealer or mechanic is supposed to stamp them with the original engine number. The number on the 3.2 should be on the rear right hand side just in front of the bell housing. If your engine spun a bearing after the first service I...
  20. Beautiful Pictures

    Some ducks taking off from our dam one cold winter morning, and a nice warm shot taken on Lifu Island near New Caledonia.