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  1. Ford Performance Fox Tune Suspension

    I did understand that you had already installed the kit. My reply above was intended to suggest that an alignment should take care of the problem. Happy trails!
  2. Ford Performance Fox Tune Suspension

    I bought the same kit. I did not install it myself but had my dealer do the work, which included alignment. No problems whatsoever and loving the improved ride and clearance. There is a whole thread on the kit as well as the other options available.
  3. Parking sensors

    There is such a huge difference in the quality, and even the integrity, among dealerships, though they all carry the Ford name. The moral is, if you happened on a poor dealership, contact the central Ford authorities to demand satisfaction. Then, do not ever patronize that dealership again...
  4. What's the highest lift kit

    My own (admittedly amateurish) opinion on this is that Ford Performance offered us a two-inch leveling kit for a reason, that is, as you said above, "to stay in the safe zone...."
  5. How many of you already have dings?

    I have a major ding on the driver's side door, but it is, as the song says, "nobody's fault but mine."
  6. Parking sensors

    If your dealer is not interested in making your truck whole again, the Ford organization would like to hear about it. Go as high up as you have to to get satisfaction. The higher-ups understand that this kind of negligence from dealers produces negative publicity that hurts the whole organization.
  7. Daytime running lights

    Yes, that is how they work. I want the running lights on at all times for safety reasons and so just leave it on auto.
  8. Too much sport mode?

    Well, to each his own, I just found that the transmission seems to lag a bit, as if unsure which speed to choose, when accelerating in the conditions I mentioned above, particularly on hills. I may have to rethink all this once the Ford Performance Tune arrives....
  9. Enough with all these little badges and logos!

    I don't mind some discreet branding, as long as the company concerned has provided me with exceptional service or parts. For example, I left the dealer's license-plate frame on back, but declined the "free" one they offered for the front. My dealer has always been straight with me, and this is...
  10. Long range fuel tank

    Would love a higher capacity tank or tanks, but it or they must absolutely be lodged well above the lowest point on the frame. "Even" with the frame is still too low....
  11. Here's my baby all the way from sunny Phuket in Thailand

    Way over the top and just exactly right!
  12. Long range fuel tank

    I'm not saying that I want to be an investor on this particular project, but the prospect of aftermarket Ranger tanks, either a larger one to replace the current one, or an add-on "double" tank would be very interesting. Our current c. 19 gallons does not get us very far, and it would be great...
  13. [Updated] Ranger Ford Performance Power Pack Performance Tune Software (M-9603-REB) Released!

    So, guys, to sum up, if we have no interest in looking at the diagnostic tool on the dash after installation, we would need to tell the techs at the dealer to flash the tune but stash the tool, and keep any wires out of sight? And everything else in regard to the tune would still function as...
  14. CD Player

    Hey, music fans! Even though I have been enjoying listening to music on the Lariat's B&O from day one with my iPhone or USB sticks, I have literally thousands of CDs, and do not want to rip all of them. Besides, for me, there is something special about popping a CD in, setting it for "shuffle,"...
  15. Would you level a 2 wheel drive?

    I leveled my FX4, but it was more about ride quality and road clearance than looks. Still, once I did it, I liked the look, too! My advice would be: it's your truck, do whatever you please with it! If anyone thinks you are "cheating," that is their problem!
  16. First camping trip with the Ranger.

    I had similar issues, which I solved to my satisfaction with one trip to Home Depot. We bought a bunch of plastic cargo bins with hard tops in varied sizes. Once the top is on, they are waterproof and can be held securely in place with a normal cargo net. They are not absolutely theft-free, of...
  17. Ranger Q2 2020 Sales Grabs Firm Hold of 2nd Place in Midsize Segment

    Hey, I live in North Delaware, but have worked in both North and South, and still go to "L.S.D." on vacations. We love the beach scene, the restaurants, the hiking trails, and, of course, the outlets. On our last trip down, just before the pandemic closed things down, we took the Ranger and had...
  18. LIGHTNING BLUE Ranger Club Thread

    Truck looks great, man! What tires are you running? How do you like them?
  19. Bridgestone vs Hankook?

    I do notice that they seem to attract tiny pebbles that lodge between the treads. I take some of those out every day when I check my tires. I am probably missing some of them, which is a concern.