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  1. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance

    Hi Benny, Can you provide a quote for VKB3Z-13E754-A light kit? Thanks, Jesse
  2. Faint burning smell when parked in the garage

    I started getting a rubber burning smell after my first oil change (dealer, semi-synthetic). The odor seems more rubber and less oil smell. I only really smell it after about 15 min of highway driving and stopped on an incline. My commute home has this situation, but after the highway the...
  3. Problem with 4th gear?!

    I have this same problem. Seems to be cold start only. Not sure if it 3rd to 4th to 5th. But definitely 4th to 5th.
  4. Go Rhino - now shipping "Raptor style" RB20 Running Boards

    Just tried to buy the RB20’s with liner coating. Email said they are back ordered. Have yet to hear a ship date from customer service. Anyone else experience this recently?
  5. Website Discount Code

    Is the Panda site functioning? Can’t seem to get to any specific products