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  1. Mounting next week!

    2.5" leveling spacers. Waiting on Fox
  2. Mounting next week!

    Dipped them bronze
  3. MAGNETIC Ranger Club Thread

    Got her muddy for the first time!
  4. Mounting next week!

    -12 offset I would have preferred 0 or even +12
  5. Mounting next week!

    So last night I got the tires mounted and spacers installed (Took the bait on the ones posted from Suspension Specialist.) Currently, without any body mods I'm rubbing in 3 places. In drive, I can get 1 1/4 turns in my wheel, and about 1 full turn in reverse I will update on locations...
  6. Mounting next week!

    Just received shipment of my new wheels this afternoon. Black Rhino York 17x9 -12 offset Still waiting for the extra set of factory TPMS sensors, they should be here Monday. I'm wrapping them in the 33x12.5 KM3's I anxiously bought in December while waiting for the truck. I will keep you...
  7. SOLVED: Can't get the back of the rear seat to lock upright

    So I was dealing with this same issue this morning. I planned to take a drill, and knock back the rubber, but didn't want to over do it, and cause another problem trying to fix one. I ended up using my razor blade and cutting about 6 horizontal lines in the 1/4" section where the hook meets...
  8. MAGNETIC Ranger Club Thread

    1st day of work for her. 6' posts in the bed
  9. 2019 Ford Ranger Sightings at Dealerships Tracker & Map

    Just received update from my dealership, and my truck has made it to Westfield, TX (Houston train depot,) and is awaiting truck transport! Looks like they'll be popping up in Houston and minute
  10. Running tally of VIN #, order date and build date by Ranger5G member (2019 MY)

    Lariat SuperCrew FX4 Ordered 8/27 haven't received a build date or VIN Any Texas orders confirmed yet?