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  1. Parking sensors

    at this point since your dealers are dicks... i would get a ninja suit and a creeper, and park yourself under a new truck late one night when it's only trash pandas cruising the streets, and get yourself your own harness from the dealers lot. save everyone the hassle.
  2. miles until tank empty ?

    because it's basing it off of a number of criteria. one being the theoretical "full" of the tank. but no worries, my F150 topped out indicating 999km, when you could realistically go 1100km to a tank. so yeah, i'm sure you'll be alot closer to 340 than whats indicated
  3. Locking Fuel Cap or Plug for New Ranger

    not too worried DIY Andy is working on a keyed entry/locking system as we speak
  4. Pet Peeves

    i guess it would depend on the test with the associated airbag. maybe the passenger bag is big enough to protect the passenger compared to the drivers. i dunno, just hypothesizing as to a reason. I'm sure theres many to discuss.
  5. Parking sensors

    my guess is they removed it to install the hitch because it may have been in the way...but then jethro the shop apprentice tossed it in the trash thinking it was garbage and they arent professional enough to admit they fucked up.
  6. Pet Peeves

    all this talk of a drivers side door there a possibility they arent passing crash tests with flying colors if they are installed? looks to be a good place to bash in your skull
  7. Should my truck have a skid plate on it? 2019 Ranger purchased July 2019

    no body needs a skid plate.... all you have to do is put on some mudders and a lift kit.
  8. Parking sensors

    so, that picture of the sensors...are those yours from the truck? why would they be out? who took them out? who ever took them out should put them back in.
  9. Long range fuel tank

    if you have endless pockets of money. not everyone needs or wants a lifted truck. the obstacles are there any level your trucks at all it takes is one hit unexpectedly if you dont need or want a skid plate or something to add protection , thats fine...but some people do.
  10. 22 days and counting

    ""I cannot use or load the truck bed for my shop with supplies "" why?
  11. Long range fuel tank

    not sure of the trail systems in Australia....but this is common here. one rock, one log, no matter your lifted height wont be fun if you puncture your tank. My truck has seatbelts and airbags for the one time I may need them. I would expect an aftermarket tank to have them (skid plate)...
  12. Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor

    did the dealer hold onto the truck, or did they release it to you?
  13. New shop truck

    Guess i have influenced the boss a little bit.
  14. Long range fuel tank

    "Also if you arent purposely trying to climb over a tall sharp jagged rock you should be fine. " a skid plate is there precisely for those oopsies when you do. to not provide one on a 4X4 truck would simply be negligent.
  15. Long range fuel tank

    with my F150, if you topped the tank off as much as possible, it showed 999km.....and you would drive for a couple hundred KM's before it would start to tick down. ive never been worried how far I could go, only how much further I can as long as its accurate on the bottom end thats my...
  16. Long range fuel tank

    theres probably a considerable amount of regulatory worry and liability involved which may be why ARB isnt interested in expanding their market. I'm sure plunking a fuel tank into a frame and meeting crash requirements and explosion hazards will be an issue with whomever you are in discussions with.
  17. Long range fuel tank

    its not the best picture, undercarriage photos seem rare online for the truck. but this is what you're up against. everyone will want to maintain their ground clearance and skid plates. ARB have a tank for the overseas model, it adds 60 litres I think, and it just looks like it makes use of...
  18. Long range fuel tank

    a tank to replace the original, or an add-on in the bed?
  19. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    this would interest me....but you need to run 91 ..ugh with my gas prices and how much i drive, that alone would cost me another $100 a month in fuel.
  20. Driver's Side A-Pillar Grab Handle

    phil uses the steering wheel and hes older than dirt. im sure most of us can manage with what the Ford gods gave us. perhaps aftermarkets will pop up if demand dictates profit