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  1. Vent Window

    Would Love, but I think they would never pass crash testing now.
  2. Decent Tire Shine/Dressing Product?

    I learned this year that a detailer brush is also good for applying tire dressing. Spray brush and paint on. Works well on lug heavy tires and sidewalls.
  3. Firestone Destination XTs in hot climate

    The cold weather symbol does not mean the tire can not run in heat. They are not so specialized like older snow tires that you can not run in dry and warmer weather. The symbol means the tire has improved traction and uses rubber that can withstand sub freezing temps without freezing and...
  4. Bridgestone vs Hankook?

    You need larger driveway gravel.
  5. Bridgestone vs Hankook?

    Not on a truck but the first set of summer tires I ran on my car, thought it was going to be an issue. Purchased from tire rack on new wheels so installed in driveway (gravel) and when backing out first time they picked up so many racks. I knew they were a softer compound but this was going to...
  6. Bridgestone vs Hankook?

    Tread design has a lot to do with it. I noticed less when I switched to Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo 3's.
  7. supercab seat delete: need advice on sound proofing

    Ya'll need some hook points higher on the board so you can bungee strap cargo in place. Or use big plastic tubs with lids to throw gear in.
  8. Ranger vinyl

    Thanks. To those reading, a soap water mixture in spray bottle helps apply, position and get bubbles out. I use unscented baby shampoo, 3-4 drops in 8oz of water.
  9. Ranger vinyl

    Thanks. Did you apply wet or dry?
  10. Ranger vinyl

    Where did you order? Many options from my searches.
  11. Tinted my Windows

    CXP Window tiny added to front sides 35% and windshield 70%. Plus 35% strip at top. Rear of truck tinted from factory. CXP is carbon based and an IR reflective film. 50% IR 100% UV Windshield is a must. Current laws need to be changed. Driver ability to easily see outweighs reasons for...
  12. Sandman Ranger Build!

    Hitch receiver is OE. Purchased with vehicle as part of tow package. Installed about 1 month after I picked up truck. Some of the bumper trim pieces had to be reordered due to missing. OE tow set up fits tight and looks good. Suggest as a good option. Complex install with bumper removal...
  13. supercab seat delete: need advice on sound proofing

    On a VW GTI, yes. under rear seat above gas tank. Used for example of adding sound deadening sheets.
  14. supercab seat delete: need advice on sound proofing

    Sound proof sheets. Best for less bulk
  15. Which Running Boards/Side Steps did you purchase?

    Molding (sill guards) are a separate item. Bushwhacked sill guards. Also a good item that offers good protection and nice look. Works with other steps. For what they cover, cost not bad. Added link: Bushwacker 14099 Black Trail Armor Rocker Panel & Door Sill Protectors for 2019 Ford Ranger...
  16. Sleeping in the back seats

    Better than the ground. Bed tent another option
  17. Which Running Boards/Side Steps did you purchase?

    Took them a while to develop but works well on mine.
  18. Which Running Boards/Side Steps did you purchase?

    Amp Research. Perfect height and fold out of the way.
  19. 2019 Ford Ranger Reviews Compilation

    He has been around a while. Fits guy. Reviews Mustangs also. Has a detailing line also I think. Good guy.