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  1. How about some Jokes

    COVID-19! I can't post there but I sure the hell can here 😁 Wooot!!!!
  2. New Ford

    Why didn't she get another Ranger? The Escape's not exactly the same lol😁
  3. Anyone else get laid off in this pandemic?

    Thanks and same to you...if I do loose my job, my Ranger will be lost in a boating accident...:angel:
  4. Ford Company credit rating downgraded

    I survived 08...this time is the whole where to go for relief...even if the lucky one's keep their job, it can only last so long...when there's no customers for anything...there's nothing to build or support...even health/LEO are paid by taxes from pay...the...
  5. Ford Company credit rating downgraded

    I love to...but I'm about to loose my job...math doesn't work...
  6. 4x4 Low starts off in 2nd gear?

    No one mine...I'd go have it checked out...
  7. Larger Tires and Speed Correction - Who Has Done it?

    Hard to justify $200+ for one time use...better if you were starting a business to calibrate speedos for $ could make a killing 😁 Or just do this with Forscan and take care of other annoyances at the same time...
  8. Ford Company credit rating downgraded

    This shut down of America's business will kill waaaaaay more people than the CV bug...
  9. FORScan Crowdsourced Wiki

    Ok...but what am I loo What am I looking for? Is there a line that indicates "open door chime"?
  10. COVID-19 Thread

    It all comes down to this...
  11. D vs S Drive Mode

    It was very very hard Jim LOL to stick with D mode long enough to verify MPG (couple of tanks)...once I was satisfied that the difference was negligible, I went to S for good...the pain of the struggling D drive that was constantly putting the engine in lugging RPM...just stupid...
  12. FORScan Crowdsourced Wiki

    You mean after the truck start moving? That's in your vehicle setting, left buttons on steering wheel...
  13. Top Speed

    Anyone with an XL?
  14. My first 4WD-help with the basics please

    She does wrench on her cars and that's pretty hot in my book :like:
  15. COVID-19 Thread

    Exactly how crowded are State Parks and why are they closing? This shit is really getting out of hands...even BLM land?! Are they trying to teach Americans new tricks?
  16. COVID-19 Thread

    Looks like we have a whole lot of seniors here 😁
  17. COVID-19 Thread

    I was 11 years old...thanks for your service Doc :like:
  18. OE sourced (kind of) lower grill insert

    What exactly are you doing? I like what I see but not totally understanding the process...
  19. Show Me Your Kitties!

    He thinks he's a cat...doesn't come when called...does no as lightning...and makes no sound so we had to attach a bell to hear his movement 😁