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  1. Careful stepping in the rear bumper

    I mean ya a metal piece on the end of your boot smashing into a body panel.. who would’ve thought it would damage the truck..
  2. Aftermarket bumpers?

    Yeah got rid of them. Don’t know don’t care about the warranty.
  3. California Westin Outlaw Front/Rear Bumpers

    Interested.. front bumper still for sale?
  4. Aftermarket bumpers?

    Send me pics and price.
  5. Forum member with highest G5 miles.

    13,000 miles 1 year and have worked it pretty hard. Tows are 7500 lb travel trailer through the mountains great. Averaging about 22 mpg when not towing
  6. DIY Herculiner Bed Liner

    Hey guys, I’m a poor man and bought a XL 4x4 so of course I had to do my own bed liner. It was about $70 and a few hours labor. Turned out pretty decent though, still gotta touch it up. Of course I accidentally bought blue duct tape instead of masking tape so I didn’t mask anything but oh well.
  7. Making the 3.2 fast

    I think he gave up lol
  8. Making the 3.2 fast

    Now you added your comment into my quote. Come on mate you can do this.
  9. Making the 3.2 fast

    Your post doesn’t make any sense.
  10. What Features SHOULD your Ranger Have but Ford Missed?

    Y’all are picky.. I just want cruise control lol
  11. Making the 3.2 fast

    You feelin ok? Maybe got the corona virus?
  12. California Custom Headache Rack

    Do you want to buy it?
  13. California Custom Headache Rack

    Built this for my Ranger last year and have decided i want to do a camper shell. Located around Redding CA. All steel and mig welded, but lightweight and strong. Probably weighs 70-80 lbs? Best part about this rack is endless tie down points. It’s great. Asking $1000
  14. Premium gas towing

    I use it all the time. In CA premium is only 20-30 cents more a gallon. No brainer
  15. Buying put on hold.

    That auto trans in your dodge is a pile until you spend $7000 building it.. from everything I’ve researched the 10 speed is solid. I tow at max capacity with my ranger and it pulls hills great
  16. D vs S Drive Mode

    Hangs the rpms too high for me for regular driving. No need for that. I prefer Drive
  17. How many of you already have dings?

    Mine has hail damage. It’s just a truck and I’ll have it forever so not worried
  18. How’d I do?

    mediocre at best
  19. No, Not Again!

    I haven’t washed my turd in like 6 months
  20. ADD Stealth Fighter bumpers - anyone have them?

    I like the look but too much $$