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  1. Pet Peeves

    A driver's side handle would be great, but it's not the only truck without one on the drivers side. My Colorado doesn't have one either.
  2. Led Headlight bulbs

    LED's haven't caused a problem with any of our BCM's that I know of.
  3. Happy 4th Of July!

    Happy Independence Day from your neighbors to the north. Party on, eh!
  4. Bulbs

    Two things.... 1. We have a section dedicated to lighting, found here: 2. What bulbs are you referring to?
  5. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    If I didn't already have it on my Colorado, I'm not sure I would have gotten one for the Ranger. With me, my wife and two kids it was a no brainer. Both trucks work the same now.
  6. Crowdsource/fund a backseat solution

    Dimensionally, thle Gen 2 Colorado seats will fit. Same width and the back rest is about an inch shorter. You'd have 60/40, armrest with cupholders and it would fold flat. I'll have a better look at the seat frame, but I think it might be doable. Hardest part, I think, would be the backrest...
  7. Driving Light Mount, above the bumper

    It must be because I'm using a tablet. There are no pictures to scroll left to right for me Oh well...
  8. Driving Light Mount, above the bumper

    I found the grill lights but that link you provided just goes to the main page. If there's another set of above the bumper lights... I'm blind.
  9. Crowdsource/fund a backseat solution

    Back seat of a Gen2 Colorado checks all the boxes. Maybe when I get home I'll take some measurements.
  10. Truck Box / Bed Box / Tool Box - Your suggestions please

    I had this one in my Colorado for a while. Got a tonneau for it and moved the box to the Ranger. Fits like it was made for it.
  11. Adapting Gen 1 Sport Trac Bed extender

    Ya, I'm pretty sure I stole mine!
  12. what happens if you just remove the cargo light lightbulbs?

    I wonder if there's a fuse for the cargo lights?
  13. Adapting Gen 1 Sport Trac Bed extender

    M6. The longer the better on the thread. You'll need the length to accommodate for washers/spacer/bedliner and still have enough to thread into the threaded insert. I could pull and measure mine if required, but I'd guess 30mm.
  14. EU Spec Rear Fog Possible?

  15. Adapting Gen 1 Sport Trac Bed extender

    1.5" black and pipe and gorilla glue. Honestly speaking, it looks much worse close up! I cut the abs a bit short. They should have been closer to 13.5" long to look right. Its much stronger than you think and for what I'm going to be using it for, well, I know it'll hold up just fine.
  16. Adapting Gen 1 Sport Trac Bed extender

    All the tubes are one piece.
  17. Adapting Gen 1 Sport Trac Bed extender

    Tubes are stainless steel, fyi.
  18. Adapting Gen 1 Sport Trac Bed extender

    Those tubes are one piece. In order to widen, you have to cut.
  19. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Its gone. Checked it the next morning and it was back to stock.