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  1. Ford Ranger Gets 3 New Ford Performance Accessory Packages For Off-Roading and Customization

    Is it? Its missing the BFGoodrich KO2 265/70-17 tires and the tag doesnt say anything about a tune or FOX suspension. I think it might just have the visual aspects bolted on.
  2. Front Tow Hook Torque Spec?

  3. Performance, Transmission, Bouncy ride, overall drivability

    I bet he could....Unless the Gladiator is beat to shit I bet he could legit just trade it for a Ranger haha
  4. 2019 Ford Ranger Reviews Compilation

    Modified Ranger review. Dont know much about this youtube channel but he reviews a pretty heavily modified Ranger:
  5. Street Racing in 4WD

    Definitely just disengages.
  6. Street Racing in 4WD

    I dont know if anyone has tested this much. But I would imagine while there is certainly more stain on the system, if you stay in a straight line there wouldnt be too much extra wear. Especially if you maybe launch in 4wd then switch to 2wd after 2nd gear or something. Just spit balling, I have...
  7. Can I Tow This?

    They are using the total front area of the truck and trailer combined. So its the area of the truck + what sticks out around the truck. Heres the quote from under that spec I posted: "Frontal Area is the total area in square feet that a moving vehicle and trailer exposes to air resistance. The...
  8. Differences in Octane

    Reminds me that summer blends of gasoline will be slightly better than winter
  9. Can I Tow This?

    Interesting, I have the one from 2019 but maybe they updated it? Sometimes Fords documentation differs from itself or is copied from other models. That said if you can maybe the best thing to do would be to go try towing it. See how the truck handles it. Maybe get a more accurate measure of the...
  10. Need help with losing weight and being more wind resistant

    This, plus the passenger seat. Also maybe shoot for 1/4 tank of gas and bring a jug with you. Lighter wheels and tires will help if you want to go all out.
  11. Can I Tow This?

    Im not as familiar with these type of trailers so someone more knowledgeable about these will probably chime in, but are the weights of the full water tanks included in the gross weight? (EDIT: They are) If you arent maxing out the trailer I dont think you will fall out of the weight rating for...
  12. Differences in Octane

    In reality it shouldnt make that much of a difference. Probably just differences in your driving/traffic/stop and go/passing/towing/hills ect.
  13. What happened to new posts link?

    Did that include removal of the "New Posts" Button?
  14. Hands Free driver assist Coming to Ford Vehicles, including Ranger

    They havent even been able to push out updated Sync versions.
  15. 13.77 quarter mile on first outting!!

    Theres comfort in knowing Im not the only one but it does really bother me. Hoping there will be a way to change this somehow.
  16. 13.77 quarter mile on first outting!!

    Its also possible Im doing something wrong, but more data helps!
  17. 13.77 quarter mile on first outting!!

    Correct. Next time you get a chance and you are having a little fun in the truck let me know if you TC light flashes at you when you have it off and are getting the rear end to step out. To me it still feels like its pulling power/applying brakes.
  18. 13.77 quarter mile on first outting!!

    Yes I am, but as soon as you start to get a little sideways you can see the traction control light flash and it tries to reign you in. If I remember correctly from this winter, the only time I seemed to be able to keep it off is to also lock the diff, but then after a certain speed (like 30mph)...
  19. Driveshaft Phasing

    Judging from the pictures, it seems the U-joints are still clocked slightly off. They certainly went through balancing it based on all of the weights. Guess thats just how these get manufactured.
  20. Android Auto Unusable for Everyone?

    What model phone are you using? I had a Samsung S7 up until about a month or so ago and it was very laggy and took forever to start. With my new phone (S20) it starts up right away and is actually very usable.