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  1. How many actually use the running boards

    I purchased/installed the Ford OEM running boards. They are not anything special but decently priced compared to what some other running boards cost. I noticed I was smashing the side bolster of the seat every time I get out of the truck so they are definitely helping with that.
  2. Non-CARB devices

    Everything that IdahoRanger said is correct. CARB made sense back in the 70's and 80's when cars didn't require catalytic converters and guzzled that fuel ha. The emission requirements of this state are down right ridiculous and honestly unnecessary for cars nowadays (end rant). To answer your...
  3. Who has the 4X2 Rangers

    Gotta 4x2 over here!! STX SuperCab with the locker. Having the SuperCab saves about 500 lbs and have zero need for 4WD were I live.
  4. Regular vs premium anyone else notice huge difference?

    I saw absolutely no difference in MPG's when using 87 or 91 octane. Per the manual, it does say to use 91 when ambient temperatures are warm and it does get REALLY warm in the central valley during the summer months. So I will give the 91 another try next year but for now 87 octane works just fine.
  5. How bad is the open diff in the snow?

    Yes. Running skinny tires will put the same amount of weight onto a smaller contact patch (Area of tire that is in contact with the ground) and will cut through the slush and hardpack better.
  6. 2019 Ranger MPGs

    Have about 2000 miles on an XL STX 2wd, OEM H/T tires, no bed cover, engine mods, etc. My driving is about 80%/20% highway/city. I have tried 87 and 91 octane and noticed no difference in MPG. Computer MPG: 21.3 Actual MPG: 20.4 I am disappointed because I drive it easy and the window sticker...
  7. Hankook Tires

    Very good review!! I will give these a consideration once my OEM H/T's wear out..
  8. How bad is the open diff in the snow?

    Exactly. And lets be honest, the key is don't drive like a maniac when its snowy or icy. Accelerate nice and easy and give yourself distance between other drivers. Remember, the type of tire matters also. It doesn't matter if you have 4WD, AWD, LSD rear-end, etc.. if you have the cheap $60...
  9. Bridgestone vs Hankook?

    Bridgestone make a variety of "Dueler" tires. For example, my Ranger has Dueler H/T's while other Rangers come with the Dueler A/T RHS. The A/T RHS is the Ford OEM spec all-terrain tire while the Dueler A/T Revo 3 is a much more aggressive A/T tire.
  10. R A N G E R tailgate letters added

    I purchased these letters off Amazon (They were called Eyecatchers) and I love the way they came out. Makes the tailgate totally pop!!
  11. Bridgestone vs Hankook?

    I would say start doing research on Tirerack. Tirerack has tons of tire reviews from buyers as well as comparison videos/ charts.
  12. Roush Cold Air Intake

    Only a matter of time before California finds this and bans it ha.
  13. Odometer shots

    Lol my bad
  14. Odometer shots

    Dang, what's the CEL for?
  15. Wax/Paint Protection

    I am a believer in the Turtle Wax Seal n' Shine. My brother was raving about it and told me I had to try it on the new Ranger. I will say I am quite impressed with it. You can't beat the price per bottle, how easy it is to apply, and how it makes the paint feel like glass.
  16. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    Greetings from the Central Valley! I recently purchased a 2019 Ranger to replace my 2003 Ranger (RIP :crying:). Love this truck though!! It's a SuperCab XL STX, 2WD, Trailer Tow Package and a Locking Rear-End. Have no complaints so far except for not being able to permanently disable the auto...